5 Tips on How to Attract the Right Person into Your Life

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I’ve been so blessed in that God has given me an amazing man and surprisingly is exactly the man I dreamt of years before! Hoan and I met over two years ago at a conference I was volunteering for in Dallas, Texas. He does motivational speaking for a living and was one of our speakers for the weekend. It was mere happenstance that I ran into him in the lobby that day because I wasn’t even supposed to be there to greet him and I guess the rest is history! Anyway, I don’t want to bore you with the details so I’ll get right to it.  

I believe attracting the right person into your life requires not only effort but also patience. Effort in seeking but also effort in knowing who you are and what you want. A lot of people think it’s about getting out there, meeting people and going on dates… and that’s about half of it, the other half is really envisioning the right person – life partner you want and knowing your non-negotiables. Here are 5 Tips on how to find Mister Right!

1. Know who you are

this is really the foundation of it all because it really starts with you. Take some time to reflect on who you are, and what you offer to the table. It’s tough going into a relationship with low self-esteem or not knowing who you are because relationships require a lot of compromise and it’s easy to lose sight of who you are if you don’t have a good grip on what you value in the first place.

2. Be authentic and exude confidence

like attracts like and if you want the right person, such as a confident man who can meet you where you are, you’ve gotta show your worth. In addition to that, be authentic and upfront. At this stage in our lives, it’s tough to play games and besides, everyone loves a genuinely, open and honest person.

3. Know your non-negotiables

This goes back to knowing who you are and what you want. Write down a list of what you want in a man and what would be completely unacceptable as well. I remember back when I was in college, my best friend and I wrote down a list of all the attributes we wanted in our future hubbies and shockingly when Hoan and I started dating I looked back at the list and Hoan had everything I mentioned on the list and then some, it was crazy!

4. Seek in the right places

Again this goes back to like attracts like. Continue doing the activities you enjoy and putting yourself out there. If you enjoy volunteering, find those opportunities and maybe you’ll find them there. If you’re not finding anything locally, see if you can join something that is on a national level where you’re exposed to more people, join a singles network like events and adventures, try online sites like okcupid or apps like coffee meets bagel

5. Initiate or at least give them signs you’rE interested

We live in the 21st century and I think it’s perfectly a-ok if a woman initiates these days! I think men find that attractive. If you see someone cute, and y’all have locked eyes, I think that’s a good enough reason to casually walk on over (without being obvious or creepy lol) to say hi. the confidence you have to go up to them speaks volume and sometimes men really appreciate the obvious signs 🙂

Of course, take it with a grain of salt, there are a variety of ways to meet your significant other and these might work, these might not but what’s really important is to know what you want in a partner because when you know what you want, you know what you don’t want and that helps narrow down the selection. Good luck and let me know how it goes! <3

Love simply, love beyoutifully,


2 Tips on How to Achieve Your Goals

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Setting goals is the fun part but working through to achieve your goals can be incredibly taxing. I’ve made some really lofty goals for 2017 and it’s gotten me incredibly overwhelmed at times. One, because they’re stretch goals and two, i’m wondering how in the heck am I going to achieve them?!

Make Commitments

I heard a really great piece of advice recently and that is: we shouldn’t be setting goals, rather we need to be making promises. For example, when you make plans with a friend to meet for dinner at 7pm, you’re meeting at 7pm! You’re not saying oh, my goal is to meet you at 7pm. It means it’s a commitment you’ve made to meet your friend at said time. And by committing to this, you’re going to follow through by showing up on time!

And just like our goals, we shouldn’t just make it a goal to do xy and z, we need to commit to DOING xyz in order to see the results we want.

Remind Yourself Daily 

The second thing we need to do to achieve our goals is remind ourselves daily of what it is we want to commit to. Whether that’s looking at your goals on a vision board or writing them down every day, having sticky notes that you can look at every day or keeping a written piece of paper with you in your purse to carry with you daily… What ever it is that can help remind you of these goals daily, just do it! The more you remind yourself consciously, the more likely these goals will be in your unconscious. And eventually, everything you do has a purpose in meeting those goals.

Good luck and happy goal committing!  

Simply beyoutiful,



The Key To Happiness

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There are so many people out there who constantly strive for happiness and personally I think happiness is but a fleeting moment. Probably because happiness is an emotion. And with any emotion, they can change with a snap of a finger because of its’ volatility. Regardless of its characteristics though, so many people are constantly trying to achieve happiness. I believe the key to happiness starts from within and like with everything else, there are extreme highs and lows.

The Key to Happiness

I find that the older I get, the more I settle into the mold of who I am, which means the more content and comfortable I feel. We’ll know pretty instantly whether something feels right or wrong. However, I believe it gets a little easier over time as we get more exposed to different experiences that test our ability to stay true to who we are. Because as we stay as close to the core of who we are, the happier I believe we will be. Therefore, the key to happiness is being authentic and loving all of who you are, including those less than perfect characteristics!

So love on and be happy!


Love simply, love beyoutifully,

How to Feel Beautiful: 3 Daily Practices

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Beauty is defined by a variety of elements. What’s important is knowing what beautiful means to you and how to feel beautiful. Does it mean feeling confident, feeling energized or looking like a rock star? To me, beauty is all about feeling vibrant from the inside out. I think society has really narrowed our definition of beauty. And it’s unfortunate that a lot of people think beautiful is too far out of reach. We have to constantly remind ourselves that we are beautiful, all in our own unique ways and here are three things I do to help myself feel beautiful and hope they can help you too!

1. Get Ready 

every morning regardless of whether I go out or not, I get ready whether that means changing out of my jammies or just putting on some makeup, or doing my hair. It always makes me feel beautiful when I look presentable

2. Listen to Music  

I love listening to good vibin’ music, it always manages to change my state but in addition to listening and dancing, watch yourself dance in the mirror. I know it’s silly but try it out!

3. Take care of my Body 

through daily skin care, working out and eating healthy, every time I do something that relates to taking care of my body, I immediately feel rejuvenated.

We must keep in mind that feeling beautiful starts from within. These practices are only habits that we can adopt at the surface level and that feeling exceptionally beautiful requires internal beliefs that we’ll talk about on another post but until then live simply, live beyoutifully!


simply beyoutiful,

Anh Thu

5 Things I’ve learned through Heartache and Mistakes

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i’ve made many mistakes in my time, none of which i am proud of but am thankful for the lessons i got out of them. here are some of the nuggets i’ve picked up along the way.

1. be thankful for the life you have and live it fully

i see death knocking on people’s door every single day and am reminded by how fragile life really is. as a person who was coasting through the storm i took so much for granted including my life, saying Jesus could take me today and i really wouldn’t care. i still wouldn’t care if God called me home but what has changed is the appreciation i have for my life.

2. don’t take your loved ones for granted

i had a bad habit of taking my loved ones for granted… thinking they’d always be there for me. but that changed when someone i loved dearly ended up walking out of my life. i understand there is an ending to every beginning but i never imagined the ending would be like this… so cherish those you care about most because you might not have the rest of your life to show your gratitude.

3. faith and religion are two separate things joined together by God

i was struggling with my faith and for a while, wondered where He was. i had many unanswered questions, disagreed with a lot of values taught by my religion and at one point felt like i couldn’t identify with it. i was upset and angry at God; i needed answers but all i was getting was silence. i started drifting away from Him but one day, i finally received the sign i had been waiting for. and now, i am on my journey home with a slightly better understanding of it all. although i still don’t agree with everything the church teaches, i know i’m catholic because of Him.

4. stand your ground when it counts but compromise when you can

relationships are all about give and take. know your values and understand how important they are in your life. i was too unwavering with values i realized weren’t all that important to me which ultimately left me astray. however, that was the other issue… i hadn’t fully recuperated and jumped headfirst into it without fully knowing what i had to offer but more importantly, who i was. which leads me to my final point

5. self compassion is the key to being true to who you are and what you want

that whole cliche about taking care of yourself first so you can take care of others is true to its very core. i neglected my personal needs and in the end realized the only person i was betraying, was myself. take time to recharge, let yourself feel and get to know who you really are again so that you know what your needs are and what you bring to the table.

these are things that have really hit home for me. living authentically is a choice we make every single day but as long as it’s still a conscious choice i make for myself, i know i’ll be a-okay.


love simply, love beyoutifully,
Anh Thu

6 Practices I use to Snap out of a Bad Mood

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I’ve been catching myself feeling frustrated and overwhelmed much more than usual and it may be due to the fact that I’m feeling a little nervous and worried about how I can achieve my goals.

You know when you write down those lofty dreams of yours and decide to make them into measurable goals… and then it hits you that you’re the only one who can make it possible? You realize the weight of it is all on your shoulders and it’s exhilarating yet so nerve-racking! I’m really unsure as to how I’m going to be able to create all of it but as I get lost in these emotions, here are the 6 practices I use to calm myself into a better, calmer state of mind. 

1. Get your body moving 

go for a run, to the gym or just stand up and start walking around

2. Listen to something that lifts your spirits

for me, I always listen to worship music to get in a more grateful mood, otherwise some good vibin’ music will do

3. Let out the steam

it’s tough for me to keep my emotions inside so I HAVE to release it whether it be talking, venting to someone, tweeting, sharing a post via social media

4. Eat something you know your body will appreciate

whether I’m in a burger mood, or a green juice mood… I always gravitate towards something that I know my body will appreciate, whether it be mentally or physically

5. Think about what you’re grateful for

the worship music really helps with this because it helps me to start praising Jesus and reflect on what I’m so blessed to have

6. Pray

regardless of what religion you practice, or if you just meditate.. It’s always helpful to get inside your own head

As we continue on this journey together… hopefully these habits can help you to stay calm and centered  in difficult times as well! Good luck loves.


love simply, love beyoutifully,

anh thu

The 6 Basic Human Needs that I was reminded of through Shock

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My dad wanted to go to his friend’s house after church on Christmas day and my mom and I were appalled. I was reminded of all the holidays where I had wished my parents were divorced because they couldn’t even get along on important holidays, let alone regular days so I figured they’d be better off without each other.

As I was sorting through these emotions, I tried to make sense of why my dad would want to leave his family for his friends on Christmas day. This is when I realized I couldn’t blame him because I grew up with the belief that friends are in fact your family. These people are important to him because his needs are met through their interactions.

This little found epiphany reminded me of what I learned at Tony Robbins this last year which helped me to make sense of it all: we gravitate towards certain people and activities because they offer us something in return.

According to Tony Robbins there are six human needs that drive our “why’s” in what we do and how we do them:

  1. Certainty – Everybody wants stability in their basic necessities. When people can’t control their physical circumstances, they may seek certainty through a state of mind.
  2. Variety – People have a need to change their state to exercise their body and emotions. Therefore they seek variety through a number of means, stimuli, change of scenery, physical activity, etc.
  3. Significance – Everybody needs to feel special and important in some way. People will seek significance through recognition from others or themselves
  4. Connection – Humans need to feel connected with someone or something – a person, an idea, a value, a habit or a sense of identity
  5. Growth – Everything in the universe is either growing or dying – there is no third alternative. People aren’t spiritually satisfied unless their capacities are expanding
  6. Contribution – Just as people cannot survive without others, contributing in some way to their welfare, they cannot be spiritually fulfilled unless they are contributing to others as well.

So as I was reminded of these 6 basic human needs, I realized that being with his friends, my dad feels significant, connected and that he’s contributing to good times with his music and that is why he wanted to spend time with his friends on Christmas day.

Even though he ended up not going out at all, it helped me to make sense of why someone would be driven to do something regardless of how crazy or odd it might sound. So the next time we catch ourselves judging or getting frustrated because of someone else’s actions, we can be reminded of the 6 human needs and can better relate, have compassion and understand more fully.


love simply, love beyoutifully,
anh thu  

7 Principles of the Happiness Advantage

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i knew i was running away from it all. never in my life had i felt so helpless, lost… and the worst feeling of all, so miserably alone. the easiest way for me to cope with it all was to throw it into this mountainous, ever-growing pile of crap and essentially neglect my problems. i thought hey, ‘out of sight, out of mind right?’

surely that wasn’t the case.

after so many months of being sad and upset at life i decided it was time i needed to make a perspective change and opened up The Happiness Advantage written by John Achor.

here are his Seven Principles of Positive Psychology that he discusses in the book.

1. meditate – neuroscientists found that monks who spend years meditating actually grow their prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain most responsible for feeling happy.

2. find something to look forward to – anticipating future rewards can actually light up the pleasure centers in your brain much as the actual reward will.

3. commit conscious acts of kindness – a long line of empirical research, including one study of over 2,000 people has shown that acts of altruism decrease stress and strongly contribute to mental health.

4. infuse positivity into your surroundings – decorate your office, make time to go outside on a nice day, or clean your room or your house

5. exercise – release those endorphins, that’s obvious.

6. spend money – spend money on experiences or other people. one experiment found that students who were given money to spend on other people such as buying a friend lunch or coffee reported more positive emotions than a control group who was given money to spend on anything they wanted.

7. exercise a signature strength – find a character strength of yours and practice it daily. (find yours at www.viasurvey.org) one of mine is kindness so what i’m thinking is doing one random act of kindness a day and writing it down.

John says that we obviously can’t focus on all 7 points of his book so prioritize one, own it and see what happens. so what are you going to work on to help you feel more beYOUtiful?

love simply, love beyoutifully,

anh thu

What I learned Running Away from Reality

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I spent a year running away from reality during my transition to California. While it was a decision I made and ultimately wanted, what frustrated me was I found myself constantly lonely, which caused me to doubt my decision. I sat with these feelings for a long time and did my best to let go of the thoughts that held me hostage by traveling to distract me from the reality of California. I did my best to keep my game face on because I didn’t want anyone to know that deep down inside, I regretted my decision to move away from home.

It wasn’t until a conversation I had with my best friend that made me realize I hadn’t been at my best this last year. In that moment I knew I had wasted away an entire year, drowning in my own self pity… which was when it hit me, I can’t just let these negative emotions consume me nor control my life any further.

As embarrassed as I am to admit to all of this, I know it had to happen this way for me to truly appreciate and love my life, so as 2017 begins… this is what I need to let go of and forgive myself for.

The lesson I was reminded of through this process though: is that self compassion can be one of the most difficult things to practice but it’s the key to self love and pure confidence.


love simply, love beyoutifully,

anh thu