Green Romper and MK Purse

green romper, romper, michael kors, mk, purse

green romper, michael kors, blogger, ruffle romper

green romper, mk, michael kors, fashion, purse,

This casual yet classy green romper has been a favorite of mine since I bought it! you can dress it up or down, wear to church, to brunch or even dress it up with some jewelry for a night out on the town. The MK purse is a little older but I’ve linked a few similar items!

Just as an FYI, I bought the dress from Marshall’s for $14.99! Definitely check out Marshall’s, TJ Maax or Ross. Those stores are definitely underrated! Happy Hunting and Enjoy loves <3



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Vulnerability is Who I Am at My Core

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Something I’ve realized is that I haven’t been fully vulnerable lately. I’m not quite sure why that is but it could be that I’ve been tapping more into my airy side. The side that enjoys chillin’ and having a good time because I’m in sunny So-Cal.

After writing just these two sentences, I felt a gut-wrenching emotion telling me this doesn’t sound right.  Because I know this isn’t who I am at my core. In this moment of desperation, I looked up at my vision board for some answers. This is actually where I look and refer to to remind myself of who I am, what I want to achieve and I what I value. I inherently knew authenticity and vulnerability had to be somewhere on the fricken board.

And what do you know, front and center with the definitions of who Anh Thu is: “Continue to be authentic and vulnerable.” And that’s when it hit me… I don’t feel like I’ve been myself because I haven’t chosen to be real or very open with many people.  So really, it’s my fault that I haven’t been feeling like myself. Because this is a decision I made but this is also where it ends. 


So, who are you at your core? I think it’s important to reflect upon who you are and how it’s being reflected in your daily life because your actions may not necessarily show it. Would be curious to hear your thoughts!

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White Summer Romper on Carnival Cruises

princess polly, white summer romper

princess polly, fashion, white romper, playsuit

princess polly, white romper

princess polly, cruise ship, white romper, blogger

princess polly, white romper, summer, cruise

I’ve been in sort of a romper phase, the thing I love about rompers is that they’re so easy to wear and this one in particular has a lot going on so it almost feels like it’s more than just a one-piece outfit!

But anyhow, these photos were taken in Ensenada, Mexico on our cruise ship and I will say, it was definitely not exactly the trip I expected. I shouldn’t go into too much detail but as for those considering Carnival Cruise Lines, I’d say it’s a good cruise line to start out with if you don’t cruise often. Food is good, entertainment is chill. Catalina Island and Ensenada were the two ports we visited. And Catalina Island is gorgeous. We’d highly suggest renting a golf cart to drive around the island and then in Ensenada. I’d say it’s a pretty safe city! It’s actually a very developed city. I hadn’t heard great things about it, but I was pleasantly surprised getting there. The port isn’t gorgeous. We didn’t do much besides walk around downtown at the shops and ate lunch. By the time we were done, we were ready to head back to the ship


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Romper is From: Princess Polly!!


What to Ask Yourself when You’re About to Walk Away

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Some of the most difficult things we’ll ever have to do are usually the most important things that could make or break our relationships. And as I’m trying to figure out whether I should bring it up or walk away… one of the questions I need to ask myself is

Is it worth it?

I’ve found that over the years, I can easily let go and set camp up elsewhere. Since my move here.. I feel like it’s gotten incredibly easy to do that because you’re not held to a certain standard or peer group because of the circumstances. In a new city, no one knows who you are… so you have more freedom to do as you please without judgement.

But as I ponder on the question of whether it’s worth it to bring up, I think about the relations that are involved and which option I’d be more okay living with. And that brings me to my answer, “I have to say something.”
Wish me luck, gulp.



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GREEN with Patience

green off the shoulder top, black lace shorts

It’s always important to have reminders of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Hoan and I are beginning to have many more conversations about what we want of our future. However,  I will say these conversations can be somewhat difficult to have. Getting the life we want is going to take hard work and lots and lots of patience. So if you’re like me and patience is not your friend, we need to remind ourselves WHY and HOW and look at the progress we’ve made thus far. And while the mountain still looks gigantic from where you’re standing, it’s okay because remember that nothing is achieved over night but also that nothing is impossible!

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Bucket List and the Black Romper

chicwish, black romper, summer, lacma, california, ootd

chicwish, black romper, lacma

Summer is right around the corner and let me tell you it is getting hot in LA! One of my favorite things I loved doing growing up with my best friend was creating bucket lists for the summertime because we knew we’d have the most time off to actually get it done! Plus growing up in Minnesota, summer obviously had the best weather to be adventurous!

Some things I’m adding to my bucket list this summer/year (because I feel like summer never ends here in LA lol)

  1. Visit at least 2 different countries
  2.  Attend a movies/music in the park night
  3. Go on a bout tour/ride
  4. Disneyland
  5. Stay in/explore one new cool city in California


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ROMPER IS FROM: Chicwish!!


Back for Bigger and Better

off the shoulder overlay, white off the shoulder, white top, ootd

off the shoulder overlay, white top, white off the shoulder, black lace, fashion, whatiwore

ootd, off the shoulder overlay, fashion, off the shoulder top, white top

Hi everyone, we’re back for bigger and better!

I felt a little lost in the mix of the blog for some time.  It finally hit me that i was doing something wrong and needed to change things up. Everyone who knows me knows I like balance, it’s probably just a libra thing. But my whole life, I’ve strived to have a well balanced, well rounded life. So I thought what more perfect way to revamp the blog by giving it more life!

I want to talk about other things that I really enjoy in addition to what I already am talking about! So things like fashion, health and beauty, and of course relationships and personal development like I have been.

I’m super excited for this new start and looking forward to chit chatting with you all 🙂

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