Lace Wedding Guest Dress

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Wedding season is here! Hoan and I don’t have a ton of weddings to go to this year… but that won’t be the case for us next year.

So for all of you wedding goers… it’s always so difficult to figure out what to wear and this wedding guest dress is from Tobi is the perfect fix! It runs a little big and can stretch… I’m wearing a a size small so if you’re about my size, I’d recommend purchasing an XS.

I really like Tobi a lot because of you get free shipping if you spend $50 and free returns. In addition, they actually donate 1% of their profits to non profit organizations!

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Dress | Tobi


Dark Floral Romper

This floral romper actually ties at the front which makes it so easy to take on and off! It’s from Tobi but is unfortunately sold out. I posted some similar outfits down below tho! Rompers are definitely a huge love of mine. I really like simple easy things that look more intricate because there’s less you have to include. You can dress it with some statement earrings or statement strappy sandals!

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Romper is from Tobi | Similar Items below


White Romper from Princess Polly

white romper with sleeves, summer romper

white romper, summer romper, bachelorette attire

I always get nervous about wearing white! But this one is an absolute fave. For all you brides out there, this is a perfect day or night romper if you’re doing a white/black or color themed day with your gals on your bachelorette. And if you’re not, you’ll definitely stand out with class in this one 🙂

Also, just want to let you guys know that I’m really liking the clothes I’ve been purchasing from Princess Polly and just an FYI, if you are a student, you get a discount through Unidays for 25% off!


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Romper is from Princess Polly | See similar below


How to have a Good Conversation

maxi dress, tobi, slit dress, wedding occasion dress

This maxi is nice for a weddings, and evening events because the inside slip goes all the way to the floor versus stopping midway which gives it more of a classy feel. With those kinds of events, I don’t know about you but I sometimes get nervous about making small talk with other people… But it takes practice to make good conversation and when I think about it, it boils down to three things:

1. be present

When you’re in a conversation with someone, you can always tell when they’re elsewhere. You can tell by their lack of eye contact or lack of content in what they’re saying! So it’s always important to be present, give good eye contact to ensure they know you’re engaged and that you’re reaffirming what they say.

2. ask the right questions

Something I learned from Hoan is it’s the good questions that give the good responses.  So for example, instead of asking  ‘how was your event? ‘Ask ‘what was the best part about your event or ‘if you could do something, what would it be?’

3. don’t be afraid to tell them who you are

It’s always important to offer information about yourself. Sometimes I think some people are unsure of how much information to indulge to not seem like they’re talking too much. And if you’re vulnerable and give info, they usually will too! But key is to make sure you’re asking them questions as well throughout the convo to make them feel engaged!

So regardless of how awkward a situation can be, we have the power to make it less so. Good luck at the summer social gatherings my love! you’ll be perf 🙂

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 Outfit deets

Maxi Dress is from Tobi! | Similar down below!


How to be Better than Who You were Yesterday

blue ruffle dress, princess polly

summer dress, blue dress, ruffle off the shoulder dress

Life is constantly changing and I think it’s important to be better than who we were yesterday. And while I believe this whole-heartedly, I feel like I haven’t been one to really live by this as of late.

Therefore, in the midst of thinking about what I wanted to do and get out of this summer, I wrote out a list of what I wanted to work on personally and this is when I realized.. this is the first list I’ve written in a while! So here’s what I wrote out:

  1. Be more present in my conversations
  2. Have more zen in my life
  3. Learn how to use manual mode on my camera
  4. Take more photographs/instastories and post to IG

Summer is only about 3-4 months long, of course it feels like it’s longer here in LA… but is there something you want to work on this summer? Would love to hear what you guys want to improve and work on 🙂



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Dress is Princess Polly | Similar outfits below!


Quality of Life is the Quality of Our Emotions – Rose Romper

rose floral romper, princess polly

floral romper, princess polly

floral romper, princess polly

rose romper, floral romper

This rose floral pattern is warm and feminine and it reminds me of the emotions we experience in our daily lives. And I truly believe that it’s because of the ray of emotions we feel that life is more beautiful because of it.

It’s important to always feel out our emotions instead of harboring them inside. Like Tony Robbins says, the quality of our lives is the quality of our emotions. Coming from a person who has numbed her way through life at times… life can easily feel gray and meaningless if we allow it. Similar to beauty and color, it’s important to truly feel every ounce of it, even the more difficult things like anger, fear and sadness because it’s in these moments that we truly experience life in all its’ glory. I hope you’re having a rosy Monday and that we truly feel what is on the inside. <3

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Romper is from Princess Polly! | Similar below!


3 Reasons Why We Need More Gratitude – Striped Number

chambray, mini dress, dress, princess polly, striped driess

striped dress, princess polly, dress, summer dress, blue dress, chambray dress

ruffle dress

Gratitude makes the world go round… and I think people who are more grateful feel more whole, content and at peace with life. We all go through spurts of positives and negatives. And to say that someone is always positive is completely false because despite the ups, the downs are bound to eventually happen. However, I think gratitude can definitely go a long way, especially at our lowest points because it forces us to focus on what is good. Here are 3 reasons why we should have more gratitude in our lives.

1. IT forces you to see the cup half full

Gratitude forces you to see that you are and have enough in your life. And while it’s important to stay hungry and strive for more. It’s equally as important to appreciate what you already have

2. IT creates more positivity

Being grateful just naturally forces you to be more positive because we’re focused on what is good

3. IT makes you appreciate what you have in life

Appreciating what you have in life is the definition of gratitude and because of it, we’re able to genuinely enjoy and appreciate all that we have.

Remember that love will never fail. Wishing you all a more positive, grateful life <3


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Dress is from Princess Polly! | Similar Items below!


Dark Green Romper


green romper

green romper, princess polly, california

green romper, california, romper

green romper, summer romper, fashion

This has been a really easy romper to wear. You can dress the dark green romper up or down! And what I love about it is that the color can easily be worn into the fall season. Also, I wore this romper on a cruise and it got super chilly at night so i wore a chunky gray sweater with it and it still looked great! <3



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Romper is from: Princess Polly


June Gloom with a Nude Strappy Back

nude shift dress, tobi,

nude shift dress

nude dress,

June gloom is apparently a real thing here in LA! It’s been super cloudy in the morning. Some days the sun decides to come out around noon or sometimes late afternoon… I mean I guess there’s some sun still that peeps in here and there but I definitely know I’m one of those people affected by the weather. Not significantly but I always feel so much more energy when the sun is out.

Anyhow, this nude dress from Tobi is adorable! The strappy back is my favorite but the only thing is that if you buy it, make sure you sew where you want the straps to stay because it has a tendency to fall. That’s the only downfall about this dress but I love the two layer shift dress look and comes in multiple colors! 🙂

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Dress is from TOBI! | Similar down below!


White Floral Romper and What You Love About YOUrself

white floral romper, women's romper, princess polly, california

white floral romper, white romper, women's, california, flowers

floral romper, summer romper

floral romper

Beauty is completely in the eye of the beholder. And with that being said, I believe that we too, need to believe that we are beautiful in order to truly feel it in our hearts. I know there are plenty of things I wish were different about my body or face… but regardless, those things can’t change but what can change is the way we accept and love ourselves.

What’s one thing you always wish could change about your body but have now come to appreciate?

For me, the first thing that comes to mind are my eyes. I used to be so bummed at the fact they were monolids but now… learning how to do my eye makeup through youtube and stuff, I don’t know how else to do my makeup any other way and with a little TLC, I’ve come to appreciate and love my eyes.

Anyway, super obsessed with this adorable romper! The obsession with rompers continues with this one. Link is below!


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Romper is from: Princess Polly (Love this store)