2020: Your Best Year Yet with Associated Vintners

I don’t know about you but my favorite holiday is the New Year! There’s something so special about it because it makes me feel like I get a re-set button to do better and be better. With that notion, as well as my passion for elevating women’s lives I knew I had to host a mastermind event for women with this new turn of a decade. If you missed our in-person event that’s okay, I want to give you the highlights from our event so it’s like you were basically there!

We hosted our first event of the year in partnership with our

Gold Sponsor Associated Vintners

Associated Vintners is an elite company of curated wines that provides one of the only tasting rooms here in Seattle, WA! If you’re in the area, definitely stop in for a look-see to one of the cutest tasting rooms I’ve seen yet! They provided mimosas, delicious bites from Ballard Market and some fun swag. We could not have done it without their help so a heartfelt thank you to Tom the Tasting Room Manager, Sabrina and everyone else at AV!

In addition, this event would not have been possible with our other sponsors as well so a huge thank you to:

Janelle and Aaron Photography

Heva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Power of Gratitude

Our event started out by thanking 2019 and letting it go so that we can make room for more abundance and possibilities to come for 2020. Research shows that there are a lot of benefits to gratitude. According to Morin (2014) Gratitude can

  • Help you make friends. One study found that thanking a new acquaintance makes them more likely to seek a more lasting relationship with you.
  • Improve your physical health. People who exhibit gratitude report fewer aches and pains, a general feeling of health, more regular exercise, and more frequent checkups with their doctor than those who don’t.
  • Improve your psychological health. Grateful people enjoy higher well-being and happiness and suffer from reduced symptoms of depression.
  • Enhance empathy and reduces aggression. Those who show their gratitude are less likely to seek revenge against others and more likely to behave in a prosocial manner, with sensitivity and empathy.
  • Improve your sleep. Practicing gratitude regularly can help you sleep longer and better.
  • Enhance your self-esteem. People who are grateful have increased self-esteem, partly due to their ability to appreciate other peoples’ accomplishments.
  • Increase in mental strength. Grateful people have an advantage in overcoming trauma and enhanced resilience, helping them to bounce back from highly stressful situations.” (Morin, 2014).

Some practices that can help enhance your gratitude muscles can include a gratitude journal and writing down 3 bests from the day. I’ve done this practice, especially in times of difficulty and it has helped me to see the glass half full versus half empty. It has truly helped me to get out of mental ruts, so I would highly recommend this practice as it is definitely my biggest go-to!

Let’s talk about Meditation

In addition, to gratitude we spoke on the idea of meditation and discussed the differences as well as benefits. Many people believe that meditation is challenging because you must quiet the mind. For me personally though, I welcome that in my own meditations because I see value and power in the visualizations I get from them.

There are two types of meditations, the first is mindfulness meditation and the second is moving meditation.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is what you think of when you think of meditation. Where you are sitting still, focusing on your breathing and being mindful of your body, noises and quieting your mind to nothingness so that you are fully present with what is happening right now.

Moving meditation

Moving meditation is exactly what you think it is, it’s being able to move your body rhythmically so that you can be in tune with your body and your thoughts. Activities such as yoga, Tai Chi or running can promote this type of meditation.

Regardless of what you end up trying out, do what feels best for you. Some people tell me that optimal meditation takes from 10-20 minutes. For me, I think that is a very long time. I have seen results from just 2-5 minutes of meditation! During my mindfulness meditation, visualizations came to me where I saw hosting this exact event in addition to teaching. Because of that meditation and visualization, it gave me the direction to host our first event and begin teaching as Adjunct Faculty at a local University in their Bachelor’s in Nursing Program! So I’m truly living the benefits of meditation and I know you can too. The one thing I do want to mention is even if you don’t do it on the regular, there are still benefits to be reaped.


  • More Relaxed and at peace
  • More awake, alert and aware
  • Become more purposeful in action
  • Improves mental and physical health
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Decreases pain
  • Improves immune system to fight against illnesses
  • Improves mood and brain function (Watson, Fraser, Ballas, n.d.)

The last piece we touched on is goal setting which I had my amazing husband Hoan Do facilitate! He is an inspirational speak, author and was on NBC’s hit show American Ninja Warrior! I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to facilitate this portion of our mastermind. He has an incredibly short and sweet, and might I add, super easy way of remembering how to goal set and he calls it GPS!

What does GPS Stand for?

G – Specific GOAL – your goal needs to be specific in nature. Does it have a deadline? Are there specific measurable parts to your goal?

P – Meaningful PURPOSE – you have to get super emotional about your goal. How would it make you feel if you achieved this goal? And think about that when you reference back to the goal.

S – Multiple STRATEGIES – There has to be multiple ways in which you can achieve your goal. If one way doesn’t work, don’t stop there, try something else.

So there you have it guys! Those were the highlights from our event. We are in the works to planning our second event so stay tuned for more details. It will be in the second quarter, probably around April or May! But until then, I hope that you continue to live out your best lives this year. 2020 is going to be so good, I can feel it in my bones baby!

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50 Things to Do when Cruising on Royal Caribbean – Harmony of the Seas

royal caribbean, what to do on baord, 50 things to do, cruise, harmony of the seas

I just went on my 3rd Royal Caribbean cruise on Harmony of the Seas to the Eastern Caribbean, which is currently one of the largest ships of their fleet built in 2016 and boy was it a treat! My family and I absolutely LOVE their cruises and would highly recommend it to anyone, and everyone! They have so many activities catered to the entire family, from little ones all the way to our seniors, I promise you’ll find an activity for everyone to do.

I wanted to cover some of the highlights of our cruise and hope you’ll find value for YOUR upcoming cruise!

Background info

First off, one of the reasons why I love cruising so much is because I feel it is pretty cost-effective. The price of the cruise provides room and board, in addition to activities throughout the ship such as rock climbing, mini golf, workout sessions, broadway type shows, etc. (depending on the cruise ship).

The reason why I love cruising on the Oasis class of Royal Caribbean ships is that you feel you’re apart of something big because you actually are! They continue to create the largest passenger cruise line ships in the entire world and offer some pretty renowned features such as zip lining, flow-riding, aqua theaters at sea just to name a few. Harmony of the Seas was debuted in 2016. Since then, Symphony of the Seas was released and they plan to be done with Wonder of the Seas in spring of 2021 that will provide bumper cars, sky diving and laser tag all at sea!

Review of Harmony of the Seas

Currently, there are four cruise ships in the Oasis class and I’ve only been on Allure of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas. As far as layout goes, I feel they are extremely similar with Royal Promenades, Central Parks, Boardwalks, etc. which I thought was both familiar and helpful. Because one, you have an idea of where everything is but yet on the flip side it was easy to find everything.

I thought food on Allure of the Seas was so much better than Harmony of the Seas but it could be that my appetite isn’t as great as it used to be. My favorite dinner night obviously was the lobster tail night! Our waiter was so kind and brought us extra. Thanks George!

Things to do on Board

There are sooo many things to do on board. And now that they came out with their nifty Royal Caribbean app. It’s easy to check and see what sort of activities are currently going on. Plus because you’re at sea, there’s unfortunately no data. However you can easily contact all your friends and family through their app in the messaging section which is awesome! Before they came out with it, we’d always think like, “oh man, we should have invested in some walkie talkies.” but now because of their app, no need for that anymore.

  1. Eat at Windjammer 
  2. Go Rock climbing
  3. Drink and hang out at the Bionic Bar
  4. Go to a broadway type show (Grease, etc.)
  5. Play BINGO
  6. Play at your chance at the slots
  7. Play basketball
  8. Play ping pong
  9. Work out or have a mini yoga session
  10. Play mini golf
  11. Make you own ice cream cone
  12. Go shopping on the promenade
  13. Hang out on the boardwalk 
  14. Slide down the Ultimate Abyss – tallest waterslide at sea
  15. Watch people on the Flowrider
  16. Go zip lining
  17. Watch a movie 
  18. Go to a pamper party hosted by the spa
  19. Participate in poolside activities
  20. Get late night pizza at Sorrento’s
  21. Learn how to play poker at Casino Royale
  22. Go ice skating
  23. Get room service 
  24. Attend a cupcake decorating class
  25. Escape the Rubicon which is an escape room 
  26. Learn how to salsa
  27. Do Karaoke
  28. Listen to live music in Central Park
  29. Watch kiddos on the Merry Go Round 
  30. Go for a ride and a drink on the Rising Tide Bar
  31. Participate in a game show
  32. Watch an aquatic show (my favorite!)
  33. Relax in the adults only solarium
  34. Go to a comedy show
  35. Play a game of trivia
  36. Watch an ice skating show
  37. Get dolled up for formal night at dinner 
  38. Relax by the pool 
  39. Get your feet and balance analyzed by specialists
  40. Get a massage at the spa 
  41. Get a tour of the ship 
  42. Attend a sushi making class
  43. Head to a champagne party
  44. Attend an art auction
  45. Go to a wine tasting
  46. Get your scuba certification
  47. Check out an art auction
  48. Be apart of a parade on the promenade
  49. Eat at one of their noteworthy restaurants
  50. And if you get exhausted, take a nap in your stateroom!                                                                              

The best part about Royal Caribbean is that you can have as busy of a cruise with fun-filled activities or as chill of a cruise with poolside wading. Regardless of what you end up doing on board I know you’ll have a blast! The easiest way to figure out what’s going on, onboard like I mentioned earlier is to download the Royal Caribbean app which allows you to message your friends and family to coordinate plans as well. My biggest tip though, is to just soak it all in because 7 days go by really fast! Regardless of what you end up doing on baord, I know Royal Caribbean will show you a good time. I hope you have a great cruise and let me know what your thoughts are and what activity you’d be excited for most on board in the comments below!

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Sunset VIP Experience at Sky View Observatory

sky view observatory, sunset dinner, sunset views, seattle, city life, night life, city lights, sunset

Sky View Sunset VIP Experience

Hoan and I had dinner at Sky View Observatory last night as part of their Sunset VIP Experience and per usual we had a blast! This dinner was definitely much different from other events we’ve attended as this one was a lot more relaxed and intimate, which I was all about!

dinner, date night, sky view, sky view observatory, sunset vip dinner, sunset vip experience

We started our evening walking around, taking in the views and stopped by the Connect Four games where Hoan beats me to it again! I don’t understand why I can never beat him in these games, it drives me crazy! Regardless, I love spending quality time together in such a beautiful scape and being able to sip on wine and play Connect Four together was such a huge bonus.

Sunset Experience

We got a corner high top table that overlooks the puget sound, the Seattle Great Wheel and Lake Union. It still boggles me that I actually live in Washington and honestly the longer I live here the more I really appreciate this place. Being able to see Seattle in all its’ glory at 73 floors above at Sky View really brings back the retrospection and appreciation for this stunning city.

The VIP Experience provides all-you-can-eat flatbreads. It comes with 3 choices; the margarita, honey pig (salami, prosciutto, black pepper, hot honey and basil) or the little green man (goat cheese, pesto with roasted portobella mushrooms). We opted to try all three but will have to say that the honey pig was by far our favorite! It’s the perfect mix between sweet and savory.

You can choose from a variety of drinks from beer, wine and sodas. I got the white wine while Hoan got the chardonnay. And let me tell you, it was the most divine evening taking in the views even if it was a little bit cloudy. Our waitress was superb! She checked up on us frequently and ensured we had enough to eat and drink for our entire evening.


We would highly recommend the Sky View Sunset VIP Experience at Sky View Observatory if you’re looking for something different for date night. We value novelty and are constantly trying to find new and different ways to experience Seattle and our date nights together.

I often try to find a place that has stunning views of the city but can also offer other things. I love that this experience allows you all-you-can-eat flatbreads + drinks, beautiful scapes, and other things to do outside of just eating. You can walk around, read up on fun facts about Seattle, etc., and even play Connect Four! The experience is very intimate as it wasn’t too busy, and you get your own window side table to sit and take in all the views from the tallest public view in the Pacific NorthWest!

Tickets can be purchased here.


  • Observatory admission for two adults; single Youth tickets available as add on
  • 2-hour window-side table reservation
  • All-you-can-eat shareable flatbreads (Margherita, Goat Cheese & Pesto, and Honey Pig)
  • House Beer and wine, Prosecco, coffee and soda
  • Prices inclusive of all taxes and service charges. Must be 21+ to purchase Adult Tickets; Adult purchase required for Youth Ticket.
  • ID required at time of entry
  • Upon arrival, please check in with box office as Sunset VIP Package holder prior to entry to observatory

If you have any questions feel free to comment below! 🙂

Until then, enjoy your beautiful sunsets

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TULUM – Travel Guide & Best Things to do in Tulum

Hoan and I just got back from Tulum for our one year anniversary and gosh, this place is definitely worth a visit! We spent 3 days and 2 nights here at an airbnb and we absolutely LOVED it!

How to Get to Tulum

Unfortunately, there is no direct flight to Tulum. However, it is a straight 1.5 hour drive from the Cancun airport. You can get here by shuttle/bus, taxi, or a rental car. We would highly recommend a car rental because you can get rentals as cheap as $1 a day! However, where they get you is the insurance. We purchased car insurance through Expedia as well as the car rental company on site. We went with Enterprise as we had read some relatively good reviews, plus it was a company we were familiar with. Unfortunately when we arrived, they told us that we had to purchase Mexican car insurance as it is required in the country while driving  which ends up being about $15 USD extra a day.

Our car rental cost was a total of $2,266 pesos for 6 days, which included the optional 66$ USD car insurance through Expedia which includes  coverage for like basically everything else. Our exchange rate was $1 USD = $18.40 peso which equated to ~$123 USD  for 6 days!


tulum, airbnb, boheman, mexico, couple tulum, mexico, bohemian, mayan, airbnb

There are SOOOOO many affordable boutique hotels in Tulum and you can easily check sites like Kayak or Expedia. But we opted for an Airbnb because we found a stellar deal. Our Airbnb was a relatively new building in a quieter area of town which is perfect when you want a good night’s rest. It also offered a continental breakfast, purified water, free parking and free bikes + locks! We would highly recommend checking it out (this isn’t even sponsored, we just loved it so much lol).

coco tulum, boutique hotel, jungle, beach coco tulum, boutique hotel, jungle, beach

Another option I would recommend would be the Coco boutique properties, I reached out to quite a few hotels to collaborate and they were the most responsive and I feel most accommodative to tourists. Coco Tulum is very instagrammable and just steps away from the beach. It has adorable swings and bean bag chairs for lounging and great 2 for 1 drinks during happy hour!

Things to do

cenote san lorenzo oxman, cenote, yucatan, mayan, mexico suytun cenote, cenote, mexico, yucatan, beam of light, sink hole


According to wikipedia a cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. Cenotes were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings. And there are A TON of them! We went to Suytun and San Lorenzo Oxman which are both a drive but I thought they were totally worth it! Make sure to bring biodegradeable sunscreen if you’re thinking about swimming.

  • Cenote Suytun – This cenote is super instagramable and pretty much enclosed except for a little peep hole at the top that lets a nice little beam of light in on a sunny day from about 10:30-11ish onwards. The entrance fee is $140 pesos per person and includes life jackets. Everyone is super respectful of pictures as a line forms to get onto the platform. Tour buses arrive around 11 so be sure to come a little bit before that or right before it closes around 3 so it’s less crowded. We got there about 10 and left right at 11:15AM and it was perfect because there were a storm of people coming in as we were leaving!
  • Cenote San Lorenzo Oxman – You could potentially spend a whole day here as they’ve got a pool and a bar/grill. They have different entrance fees but we opted for the top dollar at $150 pesos which allows you entrance into the cenote PLUS they give you all that back worth in credit to use at the bar & grill! They have typical lunch items such as tacos, quesadillas, burgers, etc. The cenote itself is really cool! It’s literally a large hole that has water at the bottom and has vines growing around it. Plus it had a rope swing where you could swing and jump into the water!
  • Gran Cenote – We hear it’s quite grand and very beautiful. We opted not to go because of the price since it’s $25 USD per person and gets pretty packed during the day. Someone told me it’s like the Disneyland of cenotes. So beware. But regardless, we heard really great reviews about it, plus relatively close to Tulum so if you have some free time and extra cash, I’d recommend checking it out!
  • Cenote Calavera – This cenote is super cute via pictures, again we didn’t go but it was something I wrote down on my list. It’s got a cute ladder and swing. The cenote is pretty small but if you want a quick pic for the gram, I’d go here too since it’s so close to Tulum.

2. Tulum Ruins

These Mayan Ruins are really unique since it sits on a cliff right next to the beach. It used to be the largest trading post back in the day. It is secluded by 3 physical walls, the 4th being the ocean to protect it from outsiders.  It’s $70 pesos to get in and we would realllllly recommend going early when it first opens because 1) it gets crowded, 2) it gets super hot. There’s parking along the street but towards the end you’ll have to walk a little ways. We arrived at 11AM and it was scorching hot so we opted to view the ruins from the neighboring beach which is totally FREE!

3. Walk the main road in downtown Tulum

The main road in downtown Tulum, is a short strip on the 307. There are a ton of shops and restaurants, live music and DJs play at night at certain bars. So I definitely think it’s worth a walk. If you want to do some shopping, it may be a little pricey in this area since there are so many tourists, I’d recommend driving up the 109 and there a ton of cute family owned shops on the streets. We even found a churro stand!

kin toh, tulum, azulik, restaurant, bohemian, couple, anniversary kin toh, tulum, azulik, restaurant, bohemian, couple, anniversary

4. Get Drinks at Kin Toh by Azulik

The photos I saw of Kin Toh was what inspired me to visit Tulum. For some reason when I think of Tulum, I think of Kin Toh. It’s just so iconic of what Tulum’s vibe is like, very Bohemian jungle. Dinner here is like $$$$$, so I would just go for drinks at the bar which is about $28 USD per person. They have two options for where to have your drinks. You can do the rooftop or the regular bar which has the nets where you can sit and lounge. While the drinks are a little pricey, they were freakin’ amazing! And a really good size too. I’d highly recommend this place. BUT BE SURE TO WEAR INSECT REPELLANT!!!! I literally got lit up,  6 mosquito bites and counting.

5. Explore the Beach Road

The main beach road gives access to all the beach hotels and restaurants and is seriously SO LONG. It has so many hotels, shops, and restaurants along the strip and legit such cute vibes! It’s definitely worth a bike ride down the street to check out all that it has. Hoan and I had a blast just driving down and looking at all the cool architecture!

matcha mama, acai bowls, smoothies, tulum, healthy bowls, protein bowl, matcha mama, acai bowls, smoothies, tulum, healthy bowls, protein bowl,

6. Grab an ACAI Bowl from Matcha Mama

The instagram famous smoothie/acai bowl place is definitely worth a look-see. I will say it is a little pricey but they do target tourists so what can you do. The workers are super friendly and it is kind of a drive down the beach road but exploring the beach road is fun. And just to keep in mind, they do include a service charge too. So for our two acai bowls, it came to about $28 usd.

7. Other Restaurants to check out

  • We had dinner at Encanto Cantina which is open till about 1AM. Has a live DJ and a cute outdoor setting with mood lighting
  • Grab gelato at Origami! We didn’t have time, but dude everyone raves about this place!
  • Burrito Amor has a superrrrr cute outdoor atmosphere and good burritos
  • Farm to Table has a really cute  door front filled with overhanging trees and great food!
  • Raw Love has an adorable vibe and great options especially for Vegans


I also just wanted to mention some other things to be aware of such as ensuring you’ve got biodegradable sunscreen and bug spray if you head to a cenote because we gotta keep them fish healthy. Also, I really encourage the bug spray because I generally don’t normally have a big issue with mosquito bites but I literally got like 12 mosquito bites. So be careful!

Also, make sure to pay in pesos because you’ll usually get a better deal. The only times we used our credit cards was for the car rental and for Kin Toh. Otherwise I wouldn’t trust gas stations or a restaurant with my credit card. Speaking of gas stations, make sure they zero out the previous sale and pay attention to how much they give you back in change. We read that a lot of people got scammed at car stations, the attendant saying they didn’t have enough change, or said you didn’t give them enough money, etc.

Finally, I would brush up on my Spanish. Thank goodness Hoan speaks some Spanish, because otherwise google translate would have been our best friend. And make sure to have fun!

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4th of July with Sky View Observatory

Yesterday, we got the opportunity to celebrate the 4th of July at Sky View Observatory at their SOLD OUT event. It was like a good all-American picnic but 73 floors high! The venue was decorated with blue checkered table cloths and adorable floral arrangements with mini American flags. Plus of course, you can’t forget that good old red, white and blue!

4th of july, america's birthday, sky view observatory, picnic, picnic in the sky4th of july, flower arrangement, centerpiece, america, sky view observatory


The food menu featured wings, hot dogs and flatbread pizzas. Beverages included a specialty 4th of July drink and an open bar! They served house beer, house wine, prosecco and the Red, White and Blueberry cocktail! Hoan and I’s favorites were of course the hot dogs and the buffalo wings!!

red white and blue, 4th of july, sky view observatoryred white and blue, 4th of july, sky view observatory


We were able to connect with some other friendly event goers as well. And to our surprise, we met a couple visiting from Dallas who decided to celebrate the holiday weekend in Seattle and came to the 4th of July event at Sky View which we thought was so cool! Above all the dialogue though, we were able to bask in live music from the amazingly talented, Emily McVicker. My favorite part about live music is jamming  to covers we know, lol. Emily played some really well known artists out now but also threw it back too with ‘Dont go Chasin’ Waterfalls’ by TLC, ‘Dear Future Husband’ by Meghan Trainor and ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars.

emily mcvicker, seattle artist, music artist, covers, singer, performer


There’s something about being up so high and being able to watch the sunset over the water that brings a sense of calmness though. I guess it’s the romantic in me that just loves watching it with Hoan. The best part about the sunset though was being able to see all the lights come on and see Seattle come to life in a different way! If you ever visit Sky View, we would highly recommend staying till dusk because the lights are worth the sight!

seattle, sky view observatory, sunset, night life, city lightsnight life, city life, city at night, seattle, downtown seattle, night seattle, sky view observatory


The night winded down with the long awaited fireworks display off of Lake Union in Seattle.  I have to say, this was my first time actually looking down at fireworks versus craning my neck up to watch them AND without that annoying, ear-wrenching “boom” of fireworks and let me tell you, it was really nice haha.

fireworks, lake union fireworks, seattle fireworks, 4th of july, sky view observatory

Thank you to Sky View Observatory for having us and hosting such a fun 4th of July event! If you’re interested in seeing the fireworks display from 73 floors above without the HUGE crowd and the LOUD noises, I’d highly recommend Sky View! Have a great weekend beauties, unitl next time! xoxo


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Sky View Observatory – First Thursday Community Night

Hoan and I had the opportunity to visit Sky View Observatory on Thursday for their Community Night. The Sky View Observatory is the tallest observatory here in the Pacific Northwest and has 360 degree views of Seattle and beyond.

Sky View is located on the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center in DT Seattle and is such a cute place to visit! The Community Night we attended was in honor of Pride Month where they offered pride inspired drinks with names like Rainbow Sorgay and Let’s Get Beary Turnt. The presentation was adorable with so many vibrant colors and not to mention, super tasty! Hoan and I got the OMG Rainbow and the Let’s Get Beary Turnt, plus OF COURSE you’ve got to have some jello shots so we got those too!

sky view observatory, omg rainbow, pride month, pride week, observatory, pnw sky view observatory, omg rainbow, pride month, pride week, observatory, pnw

We then stopped by the BINGO tables where you could play BINGO also for free. Winners won things like a Jenga set or a rainbow feather boa. Hoan and I unfortunately didn’t win, but we had a blast connecting with the BINGO host, Sylvia O’stayformore. As you can see, we’re basically like best buds now 🙂

sylvia o'stayformore, pride month, pride week, pride, pnw, sky view observatory, bingo, community night sylvia o'stayformore, pride month, pride week, pride, pnw, sky view observatory, bingo, community night pride month, pride week, pride, pnw, sky view observatory, bingo, community night

My favorite part of the night though was dinner with killer views and being able to watch the sunset from 73 floors above with my love. There’s something about being so high above everything else and seeing as far as the eye allows that brings a sense of awe and calmness for me.

sky view observatory, dinner with a view, city view, date night, food sky view observatory, dinner with a view, city view, date night, food

We had such a blast visiting Sky View Observatory and would highly recommend it to any Washington Native or if you’re just visiting Seattle.  We love that they host a variety of events and are really looking forward to coming to more! In honor of Pride month, Sky View has events scheduled throughout the month of June. For more event info see below. Happy Friday Beauties!


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Drag Queen Story Time Featuring Cookie Couture: Cookie Couture’s Drag Queen Story Time captures the imagination and gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids positive, unabashedly queer (and glamorous) role models. In spaces like this, kids can see people who defy gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish. Dress up is real!

  • Dates: Tuesday, June 11 and Tuesday, June 25
  • Time: 1:00 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
  • Children 10 and under are free

 Drag Queen Bingo: What better way to spend your Thursday night than at the top of Seattle playing America’s favorite past time? Baseball? No! Drag Queen Bingo! Come out to celebrate Pride with our wonderful queens and whimsical winnings.  Availability limited on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Dates: Thursday, June 13 with Eualypstick and Thursday, June 20 with Betty Wetter
  • Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • Free (included with admission to Sky View Observatory)

Paint and Sip by Tipsy Foxx: Sky View teams up with Tipsy Fox for a fun experience filled with creativity and laughter. Enjoy a drink and paint with us! The class is 2 hours long and you are guaranteed to leave with a smile. Megan will lead the class in recreating an original painting, which features the view from 902 feet. ID required (21+).

  • Date: Thursday, June 27
  • Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • $45.00 includes admission to Sky View Observatory, painting lesson and one drink (purchase tickets here)

Sky View Observatory Anniversary Weekend: On the final weekend of June, marking the Sky View Anniversary and commitment to the community, $1 from every full priced admission ticket will be donated to Lambert House, a community center for LGBTQ youth.

  • Dates: Friday, June 28 – Sunday, June 30
  • Time: Open summer hours from 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Adult admission to Sky View Observatory is $20 online or $22 at the box office

Pre-Pride Pure Barre Party: Prep for the Pride Parade at this one-time only Barre Class at the top of Seattle! Doors open at 7:30 a.m., bring your own mat.  Sky View Café will open at 9:00 a.m. for post-barre refreshers. Ticket price includes your choice of juice, coffee, or a mimosa (21+).

  • Date: Sunday, June 30
  • Time: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
  • $25 ticket includes a mimosa or coffee after class (purchase tickets here)

the TRUTH about Marriage – FIVE Truths I’ve learned from FIVE Months of Marriage

It’s been over 5 months since Hoan and I have gotten married and to be completely honest, we’ve fought more in these last 5 months than we ever have in our entire relationship. #legit

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I never knew how challenging marriage really was until we got married. Going into it, I had such different expectations of what marriage was going to be like. In my mind, I literally thought it was going to be wedding bells and then happily ever after, I mean that’s what the books and movies end with! To my surprise, it’s been the exact opposite. Well maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit because we’ve had our fair share of amazing experiences as a married couple but I feel like it’s been more tough than easy for us. Here are 5 truths I’ve learned from marriage in these last 5 months of being a wife.

  1. You’ve Got to love someone even when you don’t feel like loving

    – As annoyed we can get of each others’ habits or tendencies, you still gotta love them even when you don’t feel like it. This has been an interesting concept to grasp, but I guess that’s what unconditional, agape love is

  2. Marriage Can bring the worst out of your significant other

    – Before Hoan and I got married, we never really fought. We just had some really serious, heated conversations but we made it a point to never really yell or scream. And unfortunately, marriage has changed that for us. It makes me sad to think about it, but man, marriage just strips away the layers and your ugly can really come out because of the vulnerability that happens anyway.

  3. Being in a committed relationship can continually highlight all of your problems

    – Being in close proximity with someone, 24/7 can easily bring out the same old problems over and over again. Hoan works from home the majority of the time and I only work per diem. So we’re home together A LOT! And especially in our 525 square foot apartment. There’s not much room to go around for everyone so we butt heads a lot.

  4. you learn how to be the best partner in life

    – Sharing a life, a home, a car, etc. can teach you how to be the best partner because it’s a constant give and take. Which, I still need to be better about. I think Hoan is way better than me about giving and sharing. As long as we know the other person’s got your back, your safe to give whole-heartedly.

  5. Marriage is hard AF

    – Dude, IF I KNEW HOW HARD MARRIAGE WAS…. I’d still get married! Sometimes, I think man, why are Hoan and I so different?! Our differences in personality and preferences have been highlighted more in these last 5 months than ever before. Granted we’re transitioning to marriage, living together AND living in the same city so it is A LOT all at once, but regardless, this first year of marriage is no walk in the park!

Despite it though, I’m grateful we got married and I KNOW we were meant to walk this life together. Happy Valentine’s day week beauties <3 <3 xoxo

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First Step in Achieving our Goals

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Tonight, I just wanted to slow down… my life has been so fast paced lately and I feel like I can’t keep up. So I resorted to youtube and searched up my girl Oprah. I feel like she’s always got something to feed the soul and so I watched a 20 minute speech she made and honestly, I didn’t even watch the whole thing but I cried watching it. I’m still trying to figure out why I became so emotional over it and maybe it’s because the person that has been functioning is so far from who I am at my core. Just rush rush rush to get things done. I haven’t breathed, taken things in to process and really one of the big things is that I haven’t done anything to serve myself nor others.

She shared about her story on building a school and I can still remember at one point in my life where I really wanted to focus in on developing a nonprofit organization that could benefit so many people. I never got around to figuring out what it was going to be… and I thought maybe my blog would eventually become that one day and I’m sure it still has potential to become something big. But I gotta figure out what I want to create, why I want to create it, who I want it for. I know that I want to impact, on a larger scale. I know I want to work with women, I know I want to empower and influence… just don’t know on what. But Oprah talking about her experience going back to South Africa to carry out her Christmas Kindness mission of giving a gift to young children reminded me that I haven’t put any effort in doing anything larger than myself in a really long time. And part of me felt called. Called to come back to that place. The place where I wanted to help, encourage, and inspire. Not sure how, or who or even what… but I know it’s time to explore my options.

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First step

First thing that comes to mind is I’d really like to get out of the States and go serve somewhere. The second thing that comes to mind is influencing through my blog and bringing my mission and vision to life. Because the slate is so clean, it can be really intimidating but the first step in pursuing that scares is committing to following through.


How to Bring Your Life to the Next Level

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I believe that all of the activities we partake in outside of our obligations can essentially be categorized in three different ways. Being able to identify your activities throughout the day can easily show you things you can do to give yourself a little pick-me-up, especially on days they are much needed. So I’ve defined these activities as life-giving, chill or fun activities.

Life-giving Activities

Are things that give you life! Activities that fill your soul up with goodness so that you are full so you can easily share and support others.

Chill activities

Are  just like they sound, chill. They are things you do to relax and numb your brain so you don’t have to think about anything else.

Fun activities

Are things you just enjoy doing that aren’t quite life-giving but they just help  you have a good fricken’ time!

So for me

Life-giving activities – writing, gratitude, reading, working out, church at St John Fisher/Cottonwood, reflection, eating healthy, devotional, volunteering, quality hang outs/conversations

Chill activities – Netflix, social media

Fun activities – blog, photography, planning trips, online shopping, apex, chillin’ with friends

And now that I’ve categorized my daily activities, I have a much better sense of what I’m doing with my time and it allows me to be more conscious of what I do to ensure that I am filling my day with life-giving activities rather than chill activities that make my brain go numb. They say that if we’re not measuring progress, how do we know we’re improving. And if we don’t know, how do we know to shake things up to take things up a notch? So let’s think about what your activities are, and how can we be more conscious of doing more life-giving activities during our day because those are the ones that recharge and rejuvenate ourselves.

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How to Do a Self Check-In Assessment

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I believe reflection is a phenomenal way to process life, take a step back and make sense of all the chaos that surrounds us every day . Looking back at my life last year, it felt like a bunch of random events and moments I collected with not much understanding nor connection. Let me tell you, it’s the worst way to reminisce on life. And while I hit a major low last year, it was definitely something that needed to happen to spring me forward into the direction I’ve been wanting to go.

I’m currently reading this book called I am That Girl by Alexis Jones, and essentially it’s a self help book for women to speak truth and find their purpose. It had amazing reviews on Amazon so I figure I’d give it a shot. I’m loving it so far because the author tells her story and intertwines it with other powerful women’s voices and best thing is that it gives you activities to work on (definitely one of my favorite aspect of books that I read). One of the things I’ve really liked so far that I’ve actually completed is a life self assessment that you can do several times throughout the year. It is a way to stop and reflect, figure out where you are so you can figure out where and how to continue to proceed with life to get closer to manifesting those dreams.

Since March is just right around the corner, I decided it would be the perfect time to do this because Q1 of the year will be over next month!

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Self Check-In

Take some time to answer these self assessment questions and it’s ok not to finish in one sitting. It’s best to ponder and provide a thoughtful response than to rush through the process. I’ve also went ahead and shared my personal responses to each of the questions below. I think it’s best to be raw, and real… and feel as much as you can through answering these questions because it’s the only way to get an honest look at life.

So here we go…

  1. What are you most proud of recently? What are you least proud of? What did you learn from your least proud moment, and what can you do to inspire more of what you were most proud of?
  2. Rate yourself from 1-10 on the following attributes: AuthenticitySelflessness







    What areas need the most improvement? How can you put them into action? Schedule them into your planner

  3. List out your top priorities (ideally) in order.
  4. Where are you spending most of your time (I’ll list what a typical week looks like?) Where are you spending most of your money? Do your priorities match your actions (bc where you spend your time and money is a direct correlation to your actual priorities)?
  5. How do you feel in general? Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? Do you feel deprived in any area, too focused on any area, or in need of serious attention in any area?
  6. What are your current personal and professional goals? Write them down, steps to accomplishing them and schedule them into your calendar
  7. What was the last act of kindness you did? Think of a new one and schedule it

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My Responses

  1. What are you most proud of recently? What are you least proud of? What did you learn from your least proud moment, and what can you do to inspire more of what you were most proud of?

Recently, I’ve been really proud of my fitness progress. I’ve been eating well, working out 5-6 days a week for the last 3 weeks. I’m definitely beginning to see and feel results.

I am least proud of the way I’ve treated my loved ones, especially in times of need.

Promises are huge. I live in a gray zone, my life is gray, things intermix, change and constantly flowing and I need to learn how to compartmentalize. Be rigid, be strict, it is yes or no, not maybe.

  1. Rate yourself from 1-10 on the following attributes:

Humility (authenticity) 5

Selflessness 6

Kindness 8

Compassion 7

Patience 8

Creativity 7

Forgiveness 8

Passion 4

What areas need the most improvement? How can you put them into action? Schedule them into your planner

Passion, humility and selflessness need the most improvement. Passion, I’m unsure if I can truly say that I am passionate about blogging or nursing. At some points I feel like I have to do it… and of course there will be parts of any job or career that is not fun, but they must be done because they add to the bigger picture. Passion, I need to continue to push through and constantly remind me of the core reason why I began the blog, and why I went into nursing.

Authenticity, and I know I haven’t been incredibly honest and or authentic with others. Partially because I feel I can’t, that I don’t have anyone I feel safe enough to do it with. Isn’t that crazy? Coming from the lady who values it? But that’s it, I need to model it for others. Because this is truly something I believe in wholeheartedly.

Selflessness, I feel like I can be A LOT more selfless for Hoan. Hoan tells me I’m his number one priority and I believe him. I’m going to be more actively conscious of being more life giving to him.

  1. List out your top priorities (ideally) in order


  1. God
  2. Hoan
  3. Family/friends
  4. School
  5. Blog
  6. Work
  7. APEX


  1. Where are you spending most of your time (I’ll list what a typical week looks like?) Where are you spending most of your money? Do your priorities match your actions (bc where you spend your time and money is a direct correlation to your actual priorities)?

Two days of work, the weekend is usually chillin with church. The other three days, I’ll either work on blog, homework, do online shop, gym, prep food, grocery shop, watch Netflix

I’m spending LITERALLY all my money on food. Good, healthy, groceries, and also online shopping.

  1. How do you feel in general? Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? Do you feel deprived in any area, too focused on any area, or in need of serious attention in any area?

You know physically I feel pretty good. I’ve been going to the gym the most I’ve ever gone in ever, I think. The other day, I weighed myself and breaking record I was 118.4, the lightest I’ve been in… like 3 years maybe?! Also, eating really well, lots of greens and shopping a lot more at trader joe’s and whole foods which is phenomenal. I’ve been much more conscious of what I’m putting into my body and limiting the amount of preservatives and unhealthy foods.

Mentally, I feel okay.. definitely not feeling burnt out in regards to school yet because it literally just started and school is actually (I think) going to be fun this semester? I’m not feeling mentally drained at all surprisingly. Probably because I’m definitely having a lot of balance in my life. The other day, I had such a productive day. I woke up around 8 or 9, went to the gym, grocery shopped, cleaned, made my shake, showered, did some online shopping and by the time I started homework, it was about 2pm. I literally cranked it out until 830pm and finished my project! It was such an exhilarating feeling. I need more days like that.

Emotionally, I feel okay. I know for sure that I haven’t quite tapped into those moody, negative, tough emotions yet.. regarding my friendships and healing from my move. I know there’s still a lot to dissect and I’m looking forward to mulling through it with my therapist. She provided me with some homework to work on before we meet again in March.

Spiritually, I feel okay, I don’t think I’ve been fully in tune with God and my spirituality. Lately, it’s just like I know I need to go, so I just attend. I’m not excited about going but it’s just like it is, what it is. The last time I felt really spiritually present and connected was when Hoan and I went to Agape church. Service was okay, but the community was what got me. I definitely felt God’s presence being with them. Their openness and realness was exactly what I needed in a season of stillness. Seeing how tight knit they were as a community of Believers was just so heartwarming. I need more of that in my life.

  1. What are your current personal and professional goals? Write them down, steps to accomplishing them and schedule them into your calendar

Personal goal – Write more. Write down what I’m grateful for every day. Post at least one blog post a week on the blog.

Take my finances to the next level. Hoan and I want to purchase a property by end of this year or next.

  1. How much money am I putting into it?
  2. How much will I have by the end of the year?
  3. How much do I need?

Professional goal – Find a part time nurse educator position that works in NRPs either in Seattle or LA.

  1. Apply for RN in Washington
  2. Sign up for nurse educator jobs on Indeed – CA and WA
  3. What was the last act of kindness you did? Think of a new one and schedule it

7. What was your last act of kindness. Schedule the next one

Last act of kindness… well, I attempted to give the lady next to us at church who was coughing a cough drop this last Sunday.

Let me think of an act of kindness. Being of help to my colleagues at work is normal. With this one, I feel like I need to go out of my way to do something kind. So I decided, I’m going to create care packages and donate them to a nearby women’s shelter once I get my bonus. Stay tuned for more details!

Well, I hope you all have really enjoyed your self-assessment, please let me know how it goes for you!

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