5 Ways to Spark Joy in the Home

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As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more of a home body. I really do enjoy being home on a Friday night and that’s because I’ve always tried to make home a sanctuary. It’s important that your surroundings lift and brighten your mood not bog you down. Here are 5 things I do to help spark joy in my home.

1. Clean

I always feel so amazing after I’ve vacuumed and have tidied things up. It’s nice to be able to look around and know that your surroundings are light and dainty. They say your environment is a reflection of what’s going on inside which I find so true

2. Decorate

It’s always nice to have a little splash of personality that reflects who you are in your home. It helps to make it feel more cozy and really your space instead of someone else’s

3. Light a candle

This I love! It always feels so amazing to have candle light in the background. I feel like it always changes the ambiance of the room 🙂 it’s even better if it smells amazing

4. Declutter

I always think decluttering and donating things we don’t need is always great to do. Not only are we doing good by donating but it also helps us to feel lighter because we literally have less

5. Have real plants

There’s something about real plants that is so awesome! I do have fake ones too because they are fun to have. But maybe invest in some succulents or something that has little to no maintenance if you’re a busy bee like me

Anyway, I hope these small things can help spark joy in your home as they have mine. Let me know how it goes or if you have any other ideas! Would love to hear them 🙂


Live simply, love beyoutifully,


6 Reasons to Ask Questions

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Growing up I always had a difficult time asking my parents for things. Which then translated to pretty much everything else in my life. I was afraid of asking for fear of anger or disappointment. The fear also applies when I have to ask for help as well. For some reason I have this weird thing about asking especially if it will expose me as incompetent. I feel really uncomfortable when people are aware of my weaknesses because it makes me feel so vulnerable. However, vulnerability is exactly what we need to make real connections. People can identify much easier with our vulnerabilities than our achievements because not everyone’s wins look the same. But the emotions people experience as they struggle are very similar.

Therefore, I wanted to remind myself why asking is so powerful and why I should continue to ask and here are 6 reasons why.

1. Discovering truth

Asking uncovers the truth. If you think you’d much rather live with the truth rather than living in the dark, it’s important to work up the courage to ask.

2. Practicing courage 

Asking for the truth can sometimes be painful… but there’s something in asking that makes you feel so vulnerable that whenever I complete the task, I feel so proud of myself

3. Feeling authentic

Whenever I seem to ask, I always feel a little exposed… which is a good and bad thing. Mostly I think it’s a good thing because it allows us to be truthful not only to ourselves but also the people around us

4. Feeling connected 

When we are vulnerable, we’re able to relate to others a lot more and thus we feel more connected to those who identify the way we do

5. Getting the help we need

When we ask, we are letting others know of our needs. And because people are aware of our needs, they’re more inclined to meet us where we are.

6. Allows for clarification and growth

Asking to clarify understanding is so important in the process of learning and building upon our knowledge base. If we aren’t able to understand at a certain level, how do we expect to fully understand the next level?

I hope these 6 reasons can help to remind yourself why asking is so important. I know it’s not easy to put ourselves in a vulnerable position to ask, but remember that asking is completely appropriate and worthwhile!


Live simply, love beyoutifully

Anh Thu


3 Tips on How to Get Inspired

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I’ve been feeling really off lately, almost like I don’t have the energy nor the drive to do anything that once gave me so much energy. There could be a lot of factors playing a role though.

I feel like whenever I come back from vacation, I always feel a little off-centered and it takes a little time to readjust to my routine schedule. Secondly, I had to work four days last week which is a bit unusual for me because I’m only used to working  2-3 shifts. And I don’t know about you, but after work I’m not as productive. I literally just go to the gym, come home, eat, shower and hop into bed. My life feels like it’s been too routine. Therefore, I’m trying to get re-inspired so I can have the fire I need to pursue my goals… so here are 3 things I’m trying to implement myself to help get inspired!

1. Write down a list of what you need to get done and cross them off as you go

I don’t know about you but man, I get so much excitement when I get to cross things off my to-do list. It also helps to visualize the productivity too throughout your day.

2 . Engage in activities that have sparked inspiration in the past

For me, church always helps to regain some juice. Maybe go to a coffee shop and read a book, take a road trip and admire the scenery.. or watch an inspiring youtube video. Just find something that has inspired you previously and get your butt to do it!

3. Do something new 

It’s in the routine that things can get really mundane and boring. It’s also important to try to get out of your typical zone and do work somewhere else for example. Although we’re creatures of habit, we can thrive from excitement and adrenaline

As I slowly try to get back into the swing of things, I hope these three tips will also help you. I went to church this weekend and that definitely helped, it felt even better because I wasn’t in the mood to go. I guess usually when we don’t feel like doing it is when we should really do it! So focus on your dreams and figure out what you need to achieve them. Do some stuff out of the norm and hopefully you’ll start feeling a little more inspired! Good luck


Live simply, love beyoutifully,


How to Make a Vision Board

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The idea of a Vision Board was first introduced to me by my brother in a book called The Secret which was later made into a documentary and  featured on Oprah. Ever since then, I’ve had one plastered up on my wall.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is basically a board that you can place all your dreams and goals on. They can comprise of pictures and or words that remind you every day of what your goals are.

How do I use my Vision Board?

It’s really important to have your vision board in a place where you can see it every day. This way, you can be reminded of what the big picture is! Once you’re reminded of your goals, it helps you to be more intentional with how you use your time. It just makes you think, oh is this activity helping me to get closer to my goals? If not, what should I do get me closer to my goal of xyz.

How do I make my own Vision Board?

Materials needed: Cork Board, Magazines, Paper, Markers, Srap booking material (optional)

  1. First you’ll need to think about your goals. You can write down a list of what you want to put on your board or think about quotes you want included
  2. Starting flipping through your magazines to see if there are any quotes or pictures that you could cut out and place on your vision board.  
  3. If there’s something you can’t find but really need on your vision board, get creative and whip out those markers and some paper
  4. Start putting it on your board – it’s important to put what you want to focus on most at the center of your board so that your eye zones into it and then all of the smaller priority goals can surround that central goal.

These are the essential things you need to make a vision board. It’s simple but it’s important to really brainstorm what you want the focus of your vision board to be about! So take some time to really think about that and then also, find a friend and maybe you guys can work on it together and make it a date night because it’s so much more fun doing it with a friend! Hope this has been helpful and good luck!


Live simply, love beyoutifully


3 Ways to have More Gratitude in Your Life

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I think gratitude is central to having a more fulfilling life. It’s all about having a positive outlook on life because perspective is everything. When you look at the cup half full versus half empty, we’re focused on what we have versus what we don’t have and it allows us to come from a place of “fullness” which then of course helps us to be more and to give more. This post will discuss three points on how to have more gratitude in your life.

I notice that whenever I’m feeling run down I’m focused on the mountainous things I need to do or what I don’t have but once t I stop and take a little moment to reflect on what I do have and what I’ve already achieved I immediately feel a little better, even if it’s an ounce… it’s definitely worth it. So here are three things I do that i hope can help you to have more gratitude in your life too!

1. Meditate or pray

Take a moment to visualize everyone and everything you’re grateful for in the morning. It’s helpful to start every morning off on the right foot. And allowing yourself to pray or meditate to think about all you’re thankful for can allow you to start off in the right mental state.

2. Vocalize your gratitude

Tell someone how grateful you are for them. For me, it always makes me feel good when I’m able to say something positive about someone like when I make a compliment or tell someone thank you but it’s not just a oh yeah thanks but it’s like a real like… hey thank you so much for this because you helped me to this…

3. Write it down

Once you’re about to wind down your night, write down three good things that happened that day. This has probably been the most powerful practice that my friends and I have used and there’s something about being able to remember the moment, writing it down and seeing it on paper that’s just so magical. And it’s like once you have a collection going on, it’s so fun to be able to look back on the previous pages and see all the beautiful magical moments you’ve archived in just the last few days.

The last practice of writing it down was truly the key to help me have more gratitude in me life. So if you can’t adopt all three, I say at least adopt the last one. What I find so powerful about it is just being able to visualize it while you write it, seeing it on paper the day you write it but also being able to go back and reflect upon at the collection of “goods” you’ve been given. Once you start reading your collection of three goods, I promise you… you’ll perk up a smile and start feeling grateful for all those little things in life 🙂

Truly yours.

Live simply, love beyoutifully,


3 Tips on How to Let go and Move Forward

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Letting go is one of the hardest things to do in the grand scheme of things. While we are fully aware of the risks, we still attempt to swim upstream against that cold, hard current trying to reach our destination. But why? It is simply to fight the odds. Hoping… wishing that with our efforts, something will work out. 

But as with most things, effort has an expiration date. Sometimes, it’s just easier to let go and walk away, surrender our hands, throw in the towel and call it a day. I think the most difficult part about letting go is letting go of what you had or all of your hopes and dreams for it. Here are three tips on how to let go and move forward. 

1. Bathe in the emotions

Allow yourself to cry and be angry in full. It’s difficult and dangerous to hold all of those emotions inside because it can lead to numbness. Being numb is like freezing time because the emotions are all boxed up and put away and they can be difficult to access. It’s scary and painful but if you need to brace yourself, you can but just ensure that you acknowledge all of your emotions because that is the first step in letting go.

2. Have Closure

It can be difficult to let go when you’re hanging on to something, whether it be a sentimental item, or hopes and dreams. It’s tough to have those hopes and dreams come crashing down. It can take a long time to get to the point where you feel like you have the courage to let go of it all. But when you do, make sure there’s a succinct closing moment where you’re allowed to say good bye.

3. Be Patient

Unfortunately letting go doesn’t happen overnight. Have patience and allow time for regression. Because some days you’re going to feel like you took one step forward in the right direction and then the next day it’s like you’re back at square one. Realize this is all normal and have patience that soon it all shall pass.

I hope these tips can help you in the process of letting go. It’s definitely easy but continue to keep that head up high and  you’ll be able to let go and move forward in no time!


Live simply, love beyoutifully,


5 Tips on How to Love Yourself More

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Having self compassion can be one of the most difficult things to do, especially after you’ve done something you aren’t proud of. However, I believe self compassion is the core to so many other things. From inner peace, to courage and love… self compassion affects all of who we are. When we love ourselves, it is so much easier to love on others. With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I thought it would be fitting to talk about the most important person you should love on! YOU. So here are 5 Tips on How to Love Yourself…

1. Know Your Worth

It’s so important to recognize our worth. Brene Brown talks a lot about how the wholehearted can love and be loved because they feel that they are worthy of love and belonging. It’s a simple concept yet very difficult to practice. I know especially for me, it’s tough to love myself after I’ve done wrong. Allow yourself to feel the negativity, but the moment it passes, remind yourself that you are worthy of love and belonging regardless of your shortcomings.

2. Accept Your Faults

This brings me to my next point that we need to accept our faults and move forward. It’s really easy to get caught up in the feelings of shame and disappointment. I experience it all the time and we are all definitely our worst critic. It’s tough to hear others criticize us but I think our inner voices can be so much worse. We need to remember to acknowledge our shortcomings but also let go of those emotions because it’s not going to do us any good to hold onto them.

3. Treat Yourself

Everyone deserves a treat, even ourselves! I think it’s so important to be able to love on you the way you love on others. Reflect on whether you’re treating yourself the way you treat others? If you’re praising others, and putting other people first, shouldn’t we do the same for ourselves? And YES I think we should, so I think it’s perfectly okay to treat yourself to that sweet dessert or that pair of heels you’ve been eyeing at the store.

4. Practice Positive Talk

This is really difficult for me but this is something i’m constantly working on. What I mean by positive talk is yes, thinking positively but also speaking positively and using better more empowering words when we talk to ourselves or others. For example, instead of saying ‘I think I can do this’ change it to ‘I know I can do this’ or, ‘I hope I have a good day’ to ‘I’m going to have a good day’ and ‘I think I look alright today’ to ‘girl, I look fiiiiine!’

5. Do good

Finally the last item I want to touch on in trying to love on ourselves more is being able to love on others. For me personally, I always feel better about myself when I do a good deed or random act of kindness. It always feels good to be able to help in some way for the good of others. So with that,  once you start feeling a little love within yourself, try to give back in some way and I promise you, the love will keep on coming!

Happy loving and happy Valentine’s day beautifuls!


Live simply, love beyoutifully


What to do for Valentine’s Day for Your Boyfriend – 5 Extra Ways

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With Valentine’s day just a few days away, I wanted to talk about 5 Extra Ways you can love on him this holiday weekend! It can be a little challenging coming up with ideas to help make that significant other feel special. So I thought it would be fun to write a post on what to do for Valentine’s Day for your boyfriend. It’s so important to love on your significant other every single day and make every day feel like Valentine’s Day but it’s always nice to have a designated day for it.

First of all I want to say my boyfriend Hoan, makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I’ve been rather toxic these last few weeks and he’s been incredibly understanding and compassionate. I know it takes a lot patience to have to listen to my rants so I am beyond grateful. I hope you all have someone you can love on like that this Valentine’s day but if not, girrrrrl love on YOU! But anyway, here are 5 things you can do for Valentine’s day for your significant other!

1. Surprise HIM with an activity he would enjoy

Treat yoself is so big these days and I think it’s perfectly fitting to surprise them with something that only he would enjoy but both of you can experience, whether it be tickets to a game, a massage, a work out, etc.

2. Make a Run for HIS favorite drink

Stop by the local starbucks or boba shop and get him his go to drink and surprise him at the office or at home!

3. Write a love letter

In such a digital age, hand written letters are still unique. You can talk about the moment you met or all the things you love about them, what you look forward to most with them, why you’re grateful for them and either mail to them, leave it on his pillow or tuck it in with his work things where he’ll for sure see it later on

4. Plan a Getaway Trip

Regardless of how big or small, you can always plan a small weekend trip or if your short on time, even a day trip would work. There’s something about being out of your normal element that is always so magical, especially with that special someone.

5. Say I Love You in a Unique Way

Everyone receives love in a different way. The 5 love languages allows you to take a quiz to see how you receive love, whether it’s through words of affirmation, physical touch, etc. Learn how he receives love and be intentional on loving him in that way!

I hope these activities will put a smile on your significant other. However, any act of kindness with some intentionality I’m sure will go a long way. Anyway Happy Valentine’s day and wishing you lots of love-filled days <3


Live simply, love beyoutifully,


3 Ways on How to Overcome Fear

Fear holds us back from doing a lot of things but when you think about it, it’s not fear that’s doing it, it’s ourselves. I’ve been catching a lot of limiting thoughts lately, thoughts of doubt or that I wish I could do this or that and it’s been really paralyzing. I recently started a new job and with any learning curve, it’s challenging at first but as time goes on, practice eventually makes perfect. I’m not sure when that will be and of course perfection doesn’t exist but I’m really hoping it gets close to that. With that, I want to share with you three things I’m reminding myself daily to help me overcome  fear that I hope will also help you.

1. Admit to My Weaknesses

I think the first step in anything is admitting that we fear. Because recognition allows us to say hey, there’s a problem and I need to fix it.

2. Have a Plan

Think about what the end destination is, whether that be achieving a goal or needing to come clean to something. Have a specific plan so you know exactly what you need to do to get there.

3. Ask for Help

This is probably one of the most difficult things for me personally. When it comes to my shortcomings, I have this weird thing about not wanting to put it on blast. So instead, I quietly try to battle it out on my own. However, this is not going to do any good and I don’t know why I do it! If you don’t know how to do something, either get resourceful and find out how or ask an expert for help. Get off your high horse ATL and ask for help! ugh.

Fear meets us every day but remember that we have the choice and the power to overcome anything we set our minds to. We need the right tools and the right attitude to have the courage to overcome fear. They say that courage is not the absence of fear, it’s acting in spite of it and I couldn’t agree more. Good luck!


Live simply, love beyoutifully,


5 Keys to Productivity

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One of my favorite states to be in is flow, otherwise known as the zone. It’s a place where you feel productive, fully immersed in whatever you’re doing and best of all, it feels like you’re on top of the world! There are a lot of activities to do to be productive, it’s just ensuring that we actually follow through with them. In this post I want to talk about 5 keys to productivity.

1. Listen to music that doesn’t  Distract you 

Back when I was in college, I listened to a  lot of instrumental, orchestral music. Nowadays though, I mostly listen to Pandora Radio Stations: Klingande – or Jubel. Some of my favorites are Kingande – Jubel, God Can Save Our Souls, or Punga and Tove Lo – Say it. I also know Youtube also have those playlists and I’ll do those from time to time too if you’re more of a youtube kinda person.

2. Be intentional with your work time 

My boyfriend uses 25 minute pomodora work sessions. It’s essentially setting a timer for 25 minutes and working straight through those 25 minutes and once the timer goes off, allow yourself a 5-10 minute break and then go right back at it. We use them when we’re working together and surprisingly the 25 minutes go by really quickly

3. Plan your day 

write down everything that needs to get done. There are many ways to do it – I write each task down with a dash in front of it. When I complete it, I write a vertical line down the dash like a (+) sign which tells me I’m done with that task, which is very exciting lol. Hoan plans out his day according to the hour starting from 5AM to 10PM and inserts activities in each of those time slots so he knows exactly what he’s doing at the exact hour.

4. Remind yourself daily of your bigger goals

I have a vision board that displays all of my goals on there and I have it strategically placed on the wall at my desk. I’ve realized that I spend almost 70% of my time at my desk when I’m at home so as I’m sitting there and my eyes get tired looking at my laptop, I look up and smack dab in front of me are my 30 year-old goals and 2017 goals and I am immediately reminded of the bigger picture and why I’m doing all this work.

5. Let someone know what your plans are

Keep yourself accountable and share your goals with a friend. It’s always helpful to let another person know that you plan on doing something. I always find that it becomes more real when you share it. However, ensure that they actually follow up with you on the goal later on!

Hope these 5 keys to productivity help you in getting more things done as it has for me. Let me know how it goes and happy FLOWWW!


Simply beyoutiful,

Anh Thu