the Most important piece in the jigsaw puzzle


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I think there comes a point in time when you realize you are the most important piece to this jigsaw puzzle.

I tend to draw a lot of energy to my external environment and for the most part it’s because I genuinely care about it but something I’ve recently noticed is, it was just a way for me to neglect my own needs and pretend, at least for a little while that everything on my end was okay; but truth be told, I felt like a complete train wreck.

After so many jaded experiences… you can’t help but feel disheartened. However, putting a band aid on it and hoping it heals doesn’t actually make it go away. You realize you have to nurture that cut with love, care and antibiotics. Over time, the cut scabs over and you’re left with nothing more than perhaps a pigmented scar. Of course you’re never the same person you are coming out of it but that’s just the beauty of it; life moves on and you do too but the best part about it is you’re a little smarter and maybe a little wiser at the end of it all.

So with that, we need to stop focusing on everything else and start taking care of ourselves. it’s time to do YOU, and no one else.

simply beYOUtiful,

Anh Thu


what is Beauty?


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beauty is encompassed by multiple things, but what’s important is how you define it and what you do to truly feel its’ essence. i grew up believing i was average, my vietnamese nickname Xí actually means ugly… so i can see why i had this belief for the years to come.

i think our society’s perception of beauty is exceptionally narrow and that is the reason why many women have a hard time admitting to it. in addition, i think there’s an unspoken stigma around looking or feeling good about yourself that can be perceived as pretentious and that just breaks my heart.

so how do you define beauty? for me, i believe being beautiful means feeling confident in your own skin and being authentic regardless of the situation.

would love to hear your beautiful thoughts!

love simply, love beyoutifully,

anh thu le



happy Thanksgiving!


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i think the second piece to thanksgiving is the giving part which is obvious, considering the name. i’ve noticed that regardless of how i give, whether through donations, volunteering, or my time, there’s always a sense of fulfillment that i gain in return which i think is so paradoxical. when we give, we’re losing something in return but despite the loss, whether it be money or time, there’s a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day. and that is what’s so unique about the gift of giving.

this year for thanksgiving, Hoan and i are volunteering for Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission women and children’s home. and while we only spend 2 hours here, i think about what it’s like for these families to come here every day… and it makes me realize how lucky i am to just have a roof over my head and a full belly. then i think about how loved i am… from the love I receive from my parents, to Hoan… to kindness from friends, strangers and co-workers– it’s hard not to to feel full after realizing how much love there really is for me.

Thanks so much everyone, y’all are truly the best ❤️

what are you thankful for? and what are you doing to give back?
love simply, love beyoutifully,

anh thu 


the most important thing to have this Thanksgiving


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there’s something that i want to share with you all that i truly believe is the secret to having a happy life. as thanksgiving rolls around and people start talking about their thanksgiving day plans or better yet, their black friday plans… i want to focus on something even greater and so much more powerful and that is: gratitude!

gratitude played such a huge role in my life this last year as i transitioned to life in california. not only has it completely changed the way i live and my outlook on life but also the way i give and love.

having a grateful heart has always been something i’ve practiced but not mindfully. i realize looking back now that it was truly when i felt grateful for this opportunity to be here in california, was the moment things finally clicked in place for me.

so with that, what are you grateful for this thanksgiving?


love simply, love beyoutifully,

anh thu le


here i am

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i got back from Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power event today and while it was an absolutely exhausting, emotionally draining weekend and amidst the disappointment and shame, i’m really glad it happened.

with some reflection, i’ve realized how far i’ve come since moving here. not only that though, it’s helped to confirm that my cup is finally full and that i’m ready to let it overfloweth. i’m looking forward to this next chapter and am excited to connect with all of you through love, shame, vulnerability and courage!


the eve of October 13th

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ever since i let myself lean into LA, my spirits have really skyrocketed. it’s crazy how perspective and just allowing yourself to take in something without resistance can change the way you look at life.

ever since realizing i hadn’t felt like my whole self, things have really taken a turn for the better. i think just acknowledging that i hadn’t been my best self, focusing on having a grateful mind really helped me to stop putting so much effort into missing home. and you know, this place ain’t so bad after all. in fact, i’m really starting to like it 🙂

so as the eve of my birthday comes to a close, i’m excited to say cheers to a new, more intentional, loving and grateful year!


simply beyoutiful,

anh thu




so many rocks and hard places

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i can’t believe it’s been a month since i last wrote and i am so sorry. life has really picked up this last month with work and school but i guess October won’t be any different.

today was a tough day… it’s never easy when you’re placed in a position where you feel like you have to choose something over the other. i’m realizing that the older you get the more frequently you’ll encounter these situations where you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. and while the way we react to the situation may get easier over time but figuring out what to do and actually following through with it never seems to get any easier.

but despite the difficulties, we just have to remember that this is only just a little dip in the big incline towards the top.

simply beyoutiful,





labor day pains and gains

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big bear

life is always a little difficult around the holidays, regardless of what holiday it is. this three-day weekend reminded me of the consequences of my decision in moving here. and sometimes i still have some remorse about moving here and doubt whether this is where i’m supposed to be. it’s been a lot better lately as i feel like my transition period is coming to a close but today i felt like i took two steps backwards.

knowing that my friends and family back home are enjoying their time together this weekend without me is beyond difficult. whats even more challenging is knowing i might never have that again is indescribable.

i don’t know why i moved out here, but i know there is a purpose to me being drawn to the west coast. so as i mope about not being around my loved ones this labor day weekend, i’ll work on being grateful for being here in california because there is a purpose, i just don’t know what that is right now but i’m determined to find out.



…and the truth comes out

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something i’ve realized as of late is that i haven’t been fully honest nor vulnerable with myself or anyone else for that matter. part of it is because i’ve been avoiding wanting to admit to some of the faults in my life.

the first thing i need to come clean to is: i miss home, i miss my mom, and i often still question whether moving to LA was the right decision. as much as i try to glamorize this experience, quite frankly there’s no meaning behind any of the physical beauty i post on instagram.

next, i have not been my best self. i’m not reading, i’m not writing, i’m not reflecting, i’ve lost sight of my goals and of who i am. i’ve been numb for quite some time and i’m unsure of what life would be like without my safety shield.

finally, my relationship with God and everyone else has been on such a surface level. i’m having a hard time connecting and asking for help even with the ones closest to me. i fear being exposed as inadequate and imperfect and because of this, i can’t foster any relationships because i’m afraid they’ll know the truth.

coasting life is not something i’ve enjoyed nor valued and it’s embarrassing to say that i’ve been doing it for the last year. it’s a tough cycle to break because it’s comfortable and safe. but i need to remind myself why i made this decision in the first place, do my best to make the most out of life and the experiences i’ve been given.

sigh… wish me luck


cheers to a year!

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i can’t believe it’s been a year since i’ve moved to california. it feels like just yesterday i was contemplating applying to grad school out here…

there have been plenty of ups and downs, a lot of questioning who i am, why i made this decision to move. deep down though, i know this is where i need to be. as much as i get mover’s remorse about being a transplant here and all my hatin’ on LA thoughts, i know i’d be even more miserable at home.

i moved out here with the purpose of gaining independence and feeling like life had endless opportunities. and that is exactly what i discovered, but what i also realized is that while opportunity offers options, it also creates a lot of confusion. so here’s me, attempting to unravel the mess. cheers to another, even better year!