happy Thanksgiving!


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i think the second piece to thanksgiving is the giving part which is obvious, considering the name. i’ve noticed that regardless of how i give, whether through donations, volunteering, or my time, there’s always a sense of fulfillment that i gain in return which i think is so paradoxical. when we give, we’re losing something in return but despite the loss, whether it be money or time, there’s a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day. and that is what’s so unique about the gift of giving.

this year for thanksgiving, Hoan and i are volunteering for Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission women and children’s home. and while we only spend 2 hours here, i think about what it’s like for these families to come here every day… and it makes me realize how lucky i am to just have a roof over my head and a full belly. then i think about how loved i am… from the love I receive from my parents, to Hoan… to kindness from friends, strangers and co-workers– it’s hard not to to feel full after realizing how much love there really is for me.

Thanks so much everyone, y’all are truly the best ❤️

what are you thankful for? and what are you doing to give back?
love simply, love beyoutifully,

anh thu 

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