50 Things to Do when Cruising on Royal Caribbean – Harmony of the Seas

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I just went on my 3rd Royal Caribbean cruise on Harmony of the Seas to the Eastern Caribbean, which is currently one of the largest ships of their fleet built in 2016 and boy was it a treat! My family and I absolutely LOVE their cruises and would highly recommend it to anyone, and everyone! They have so many activities catered to the entire family, from little ones all the way to our seniors, I promise you’ll find an activity for everyone to do.

I wanted to cover some of the highlights of our cruise and hope you’ll find value for YOUR upcoming cruise!

Background info

First off, one of the reasons why I love cruising so much is because I feel it is pretty cost-effective. The price of the cruise provides room and board, in addition to activities throughout the ship such as rock climbing, mini golf, workout sessions, broadway type shows, etc. (depending on the cruise ship).

The reason why I love cruising on the Oasis class of Royal Caribbean ships is that you feel you’re apart of something big because you actually are! They continue to create the largest passenger cruise line ships in the entire world and offer some pretty renowned features such as zip lining, flow-riding, aqua theaters at sea just to name a few. Harmony of the Seas was debuted in 2016. Since then, Symphony of the Seas was released and they plan to be done with Wonder of the Seas in spring of 2021 that will provide bumper cars, sky diving and laser tag all at sea!

Review of Harmony of the Seas

Currently, there are four cruise ships in the Oasis class and I’ve only been on Allure of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas. As far as layout goes, I feel they are extremely similar with Royal Promenades, Central Parks, Boardwalks, etc. which I thought was both familiar and helpful. Because one, you have an idea of where everything is but yet on the flip side it was easy to find everything.

I thought food on Allure of the Seas was so much better than Harmony of the Seas but it could be that my appetite isn’t as great as it used to be. My favorite dinner night obviously was the lobster tail night! Our waiter was so kind and brought us extra. Thanks George!

Things to do on Board

There are sooo many things to do on board. And now that they came out with their nifty Royal Caribbean app. It’s easy to check and see what sort of activities are currently going on. Plus because you’re at sea, there’s unfortunately no data. However you can easily contact all your friends and family through their app in the messaging section which is awesome! Before they came out with it, we’d always think like, “oh man, we should have invested in some walkie talkies.” but now because of their app, no need for that anymore.

  1. Eat at Windjammer 
  2. Go Rock climbing
  3. Drink and hang out at the Bionic Bar
  4. Go to a broadway type show (Grease, etc.)
  5. Play BINGO
  6. Play at your chance at the slots
  7. Play basketball
  8. Play ping pong
  9. Work out or have a mini yoga session
  10. Play mini golf
  11. Make you own ice cream cone
  12. Go shopping on the promenade
  13. Hang out on the boardwalk 
  14. Slide down the Ultimate Abyss – tallest waterslide at sea
  15. Watch people on the Flowrider
  16. Go zip lining
  17. Watch a movie 
  18. Go to a pamper party hosted by the spa
  19. Participate in poolside activities
  20. Get late night pizza at Sorrento’s
  21. Learn how to play poker at Casino Royale
  22. Go ice skating
  23. Get room service 
  24. Attend a cupcake decorating class
  25. Escape the Rubicon which is an escape room 
  26. Learn how to salsa
  27. Do Karaoke
  28. Listen to live music in Central Park
  29. Watch kiddos on the Merry Go Round 
  30. Go for a ride and a drink on the Rising Tide Bar
  31. Participate in a game show
  32. Watch an aquatic show (my favorite!)
  33. Relax in the adults only solarium
  34. Go to a comedy show
  35. Play a game of trivia
  36. Watch an ice skating show
  37. Get dolled up for formal night at dinner 
  38. Relax by the pool 
  39. Get your feet and balance analyzed by specialists
  40. Get a massage at the spa 
  41. Get a tour of the ship 
  42. Attend a sushi making class
  43. Head to a champagne party
  44. Attend an art auction
  45. Go to a wine tasting
  46. Get your scuba certification
  47. Check out an art auction
  48. Be apart of a parade on the promenade
  49. Eat at one of their noteworthy restaurants
  50. And if you get exhausted, take a nap in your stateroom!                                                                              

The best part about Royal Caribbean is that you can have as busy of a cruise with fun-filled activities or as chill of a cruise with poolside wading. Regardless of what you end up doing on board I know you’ll have a blast! The easiest way to figure out what’s going on, onboard like I mentioned earlier is to download the Royal Caribbean app which allows you to message your friends and family to coordinate plans as well. My biggest tip though, is to just soak it all in because 7 days go by really fast! Regardless of what you end up doing on baord, I know Royal Caribbean will show you a good time. I hope you have a great cruise and let me know what your thoughts are and what activity you’d be excited for most on board in the comments below!

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