51 Fun and Sweet Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Need some last minute ideas on what to do with your significant other for Valentine’s day? Well I’ve got the perfect list of ideas on what to do that are fun and meaningful, but will also provide some lasting memories with you and your boo thang!

This year, Hoan and I decided that I would plan our Valentine’s day so with that being said I did some good brainstorming and research and here’s a list of 50 date ideas you can do too!

Date Ideas

  1. Netflix and chill night 
  2. Happy hour hopping with drinks and apps
  3. Go grocery shopping together and cook dinner 
  4. Go ice skating  
  5. Get a couples massage 
  6. Attend a cooking class 
  7. See a Broadway show or play 
  8. Have a wkd getaway at a cute cozy resort, or cabin
  9. Take a dance class and learn ballroom or salsa
  10. Take a couples massage class to learn how to give each other great massages 
  11. Go to a lover’s store and each buy something you can have fun with
  12. Be a tourist in your own city and go to an attraction
  13. Take a helicopter ride 
  14. Set sail on a sunset dinner cruise 
  15. Go to plant nite and make your own succulents
  16. Go to a comedy show
  17. Enjoy a wine tasting afternoon 
  18. Spend the day driving and sight seeing in your own city 
  19. Go hiking together
  20. Take a workout class together 
  21. Relax at the spa
  22. Get mani and pedis together 
  23. Explore a local museum 
  24. Go indoor sky diving 
  25. Play arcade games at Gameworks or Dave and Busters
  26. Do an indoor picnic
  27. Play board games together 
  28. Go roller skating 
  29. Do putt putt golf 
  30. Build a fort in the living room, have dinner in there and camp out 
  31. Go to the casino and play your chances together 
  32. Take a pottery class
  33. Do arts and crafts together and create Vday momentos
  34. Play a game of questions to get to know each other better 
  35. Take a romantic bath with candles 
  36. Take a walk in a beautiful area and enjoy the scenery
  37. Walk around a farmers market (W Seattle has one every Saturday)
  38. Have dinner at a restaurant with incredible views of the city or water 
  39. Go shopping together and buy each other am outfit to wear that evening 
  40. Have a double date or a group date with friends/fam
  41. Bake some Valentine’s Day treats 
  42. Go to the bookstore and choose a devotional/couples book to read together 
  43. Go accessory shopping together. And each buy one thing for each other 
  44. Go to a boozy brunch 
  45. Attend a sports game 
  46. Test drive sports cars 
  47. Grab fun desserts at a bakery shop
  48. Go shopping and each choose a fragrance you both love for candles to use for the bedroom 
  49. Get glammed up and have a fine dining experience with a 10 course meal 
  50. Decorate the bedroom, start with breakfast in bed and cuddle all day long 
  51. Get afternoon tea together

Hope these ideas inspire some fun creative dates for you and your loved one! This year Hoan and I are going to Frozen, get shaved ice (because Hoan loves shaved ice) and then I was thinking about doing a couple’s massage class!

Regardless of what you do, I hope you have a blast!

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