An Honest Confession

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i decided to take a little hiatus to regain some clarity in the reason why i began this blog. i originally had high hopes for it and my ultimate goal was wanting to help women all across the world feel simply beautiful. i wasn’t quite sure how i was going to do it… and to be honest, i still don’t… and in the midst of it all, i lost sight of my end goal and i’m so sorry.

i finally decided it was time to take a break after my workbook was released. what came as a huge surprise was when i didn’t feel any excitement in announcing my workbook that i had worked tirelessly to create. it took WEEKS for me to finally announce it on my blog and that in itself was a huge sign. i feel like something with this much  magnitude should have came with much more thrill and yet i felt like it was almost a nuisance for me to talk about it.

i’m unsure where this journey will lead me… but i promise you it’s not over. i just need some time to clear my head and my heart and figure out how and why i’m doing what i’m doing. <3 you guys


live simply, love beyoutifully,


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4 thoughts on “An Honest Confession

  1. Jenn Wang says:

    Thanks for such an honest and candid post! I think we all end up rethinking our blogs at some point and having to remind ourselves of our intentions and strategies. It’s definitely normal to feel uncertainty in terms of where our blogs will take us! Enjoy the journey of self discovery! <3


  2. Meaghan says:

    Hope your time away gives you the clarity and focus that you’re looking for. It’s very necessary to just step away sometimes and take a breather. Enjoy!!

    Meaghan xx

  3. Kaitlynn says:

    I have heard of other bloggers going through the same thing. When they come back, however, they are thankful for the time off and inspired. I hope the best for you and thanks for being so honest.

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