The 5 Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die by John Izzo


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I read a book titled The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die written by John Izzo and I could not have asked for a better read in such a pivotal time of my life. The problem was I kept filling my life with toxicity; from negative thoughts to making poor outwardly decisions, they just kept piling up one after the other. However after every offense, what kept me from moving forward was never allowing room for forgiveness.

I think having compassion for yourself can be quite challenging because we constantly doubt ourselves, wondering whether we’ll ever be good enough. There comes a point though, when you must let go of all of that and accept you for who you are and realize imperfections exist but opportunities for improvement are always at hand.

John Izzo says these five secrets to living a full and happy life are no brainers but they are quite profound when we finally actualize them into practice.

  1. Be true to yourself – we are the most happy when we follow our hearts and do what makes our heart sing. so don’t neglect that little voice inside of you, because it knows.
  1. Leave no regrets – don’t turn into that old person sitting on their porch still contemplating their life’s ‘what if’s.’ because happy are they who live a life without wondering what could have happened.
  1. Become love – be compassionate to yourself and to others because it does not serve anyone any good to be toxic but showing love and kindness can change and even save lives.
  1. Live the moment take in each moment as if it could be our last because when we realize how special this moment really is, we become grateful and gratitude is life’s currency.
  1. Give more than you take – research has clearly shown that people are happier when we practice random acts of altruism. There’s just something so powerful about giving back and making the world a better place than we found it.

The author suggests focusing on one secret at a time. So what could you work on in your life? as for for me, I will be living a life full of love and compassion. Best of luck!

simply beYOUtiful,

Anh Thu

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