The Key To Happiness

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There are so many people out there who constantly strive for happiness and personally I think happiness is but a fleeting moment. Probably because happiness is an emotion. And with any emotion, they can change with a snap of a finger because of its’ volatility. Regardless of its characteristics though, so many people are constantly trying to achieve happiness. I believe the key to happiness starts from within and like with everything else, there are extreme highs and lows.

The Key to Happiness

I find that the older I get, the more I settle into the mold of who I am, which means the more content and comfortable I feel. We’ll know pretty instantly whether something feels right or wrong. However, I believe it gets a little easier over time as we get more exposed to different experiences that test our ability to stay true to who we are. Because as we stay as close to the core of who we are, the happier I believe we will be. Therefore, the key to happiness is being authentic and loving all of who you are, including those less than perfect characteristics!

So love on and be happy!


Love simply, love beyoutifully,

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