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A blog about being YOU, loving YOU and everything else in between.

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A blog inspiring women to tap into their inner beauty as well as to share with one another our daily struggles and life lessons in becoming the best version of YOU. Whether we believe it or not, each and every one of us is beautiful.  To truly feel this in our hearts we need to practice authenticity, embrace self-compassion, strive to be our best selves and encourage others to believe in their own beYOUtiful self.


To start a beYOUTiful movement and encourage women to support one another,  share life lessons and embrace our inner beauty through fashion, beauty and most importantly loving thyself <3

Anh Thu (pronounced ann too) or “ATL” has been writing therapeutically since high school. In late 2016, she realized she needed to pursue her passion for writing, photography and beauty and took her blogging to the next level. Today she lives in Southern California where she is currently pursuing her Master’s in Nursing Education, works part time as a RN and the rest of the time is basking in the beautiful California weather, blogging away.

{Writing has always been extremely therapeutic for me. Since I can remember, I’ve been writing about life, the things I encounter, my daily struggles and everything else in between. It was a way for me to think retrospectively and help jog my memory of what my boyfriend would call, “magical moments.”

Something I’ve always wanted to do was write a book or start a blog that people could relate to and benefit from. I wasn’t sure what I’d write about and was completely stumped. I pondered the idea for years and through the process of transitioning and losing sight of who i was, i knew it was time to finally begin. My hope is that this blog can serve as an inspiration to you in finding your true inner beauty. 

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