How to have a Good Conversation

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This maxi is nice for a weddings, and evening events because the inside slip goes all the way to the floor versus stopping midway which gives it more of a classy feel. With those kinds of events, I don’t know about you but I sometimes get nervous about making small talk with other people… But it takes practice to make good conversation and when I think about it, it boils down to three things:

1. be present

When you’re in a conversation with someone, you can always tell when they’re elsewhere. You can tell by their lack of eye contact or lack of content in what they’re saying! So it’s always important to be present, give good eye contact to ensure they know you’re engaged and that you’re reaffirming what they say.

2. ask the right questions

Something I learned from Hoan is it’s the good questions that give the good responses.  So for example, instead of asking  ‘how was your event? ‘Ask ‘what was the best part about your event or ‘if you could do something, what would it be?’

3. don’t be afraid to tell them who you are

It’s always important to offer information about yourself. Sometimes I think some people are unsure of how much information to indulge to not seem like they’re talking too much. And if you’re vulnerable and give info, they usually will too! But key is to make sure you’re asking them questions as well throughout the convo to make them feel engaged!

So regardless of how awkward a situation can be, we have the power to make it less so. Good luck at the summer social gatherings my love! you’ll be perf 🙂

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