labor day pains and gains

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big bear

life is always a little difficult around the holidays, regardless of what holiday it is. this three-day weekend reminded me of the consequences of my decision in moving here. and sometimes i still have some remorse about moving here and doubt whether this is where i’m supposed to be. it’s been a lot better lately as i feel like my transition period is coming to a close but today i felt like i took two steps backwards.

knowing that my friends and family back home are enjoying their time together this weekend without me is beyond difficult. whats even more challenging is knowing i might never have that again is indescribable.

i don’t know why i moved out here, but i know there is a purpose to me being drawn to the west coast. so as i mope about not being around my loved ones this labor day weekend, i’ll work on being grateful for being here in california because there is a purpose, i just don’t know what that is right now but i’m determined to find out.


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