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What to Wear this Winter with Dick’s Sporting Goods

I’m collaborating with Dick’s Sporting Goods to share with you some musts to add to your closet this season! What I really love about Dick’s is the wide range of brands they offer both in store and online. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone in your family ...
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What to Wear this Winter with Dick’s Sporting Goods

I’m collaborating with Dick’s Sporting Goods to share with you some musts to add to your closet this season! What I really love about Dick’s is the wide range of brands they offer both in store and online. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone in your family this season, you can easily find something for everyone on your list!

I stopped by the store this weekend and wanted to share some of my ultimate faves with you! For outdoor/winter gear, my go to brand is usually North Face because I love the quality and timeless design. I have gloves from several seasons ago that are still in such great shape even after all the wear. It’s a little bit on the pricier side however, trust me it’s totally going to be worth it!


  1. First jacket I found was the North Face Women’s Eco Thermoball Jacket in Black! It comes in 3 other colors, off white, grey and a lavender which is actually on sale for $143, down from $230. It’s super lightweight and water resistant. The thermoball material provides major insulation but without the weight! I’m wearing the small in black!

2. The outerwear piece I found that I’m super obsessed with is the North Face Women’s Resolve II Parka! Literally so obsessed with this parker/windbreaker jacket. It was incredibly lightweight. I love that it has a cinch at the waist to give a little bit of form to the jacket and femininity and has a hoodie. Again, it’s waterproof and 100% windproof! This one starts at $110 and comes in a BUNCH of different colors! And the lighter colors are on sale which is a major bonus! I’m wearing the XS

3. For a slightly more affordable option, I always love Columbia! They have really great products with generally good material and fit at a better price point. The first jacket I want to share from Columbia is the Heavenly Long Hooded Jacket. I love the stitching detail on this jacket. It’s got a diamond pattern in the midsection and diagonal stitching both top and bottom but the arms have a horizontal stitching. I think it’s so unique but it’s also really subtle too, which I like. Water resistant, has thermal insulation and THE BEST PART ARE THE cuffs with actual THUMB HOLES! I’m LITERALLY OBSESSED. You had me at cuffs, lol. It’s a great price point at $150 and comes in a bunch of different colors. I’m wearing the Small

4. The last piece I want to share is this super cute Columbia Women’s Sweet View Insulated Bomber Jacket. Ok, this is by far my favorite find also the most affordable at only $89.99! I love the color, love the fit. Again, so lightweight and insulated. You can easily dress this up or down with its’ easy bomber style. I also tried it in black which I loved too, it comes in 5 different colors which is great. This is a great piece for fall weather but not so sure it would hold me up in freezing weather lol. But again, I’d say this is more for fall weather versus winter wear. Wearing a small in the mineral pink.


Like I mentioned earlier, I love that Dick’s has something for everyone on your list this season when your holiday shopping! A few of my sometimes go-to gifts are everyday items.

  1. The first thing I found were these really cute minimal style E-Tip North Face Women’s gloves in black. I actually have these gloves from several seasons ago and am obsessed! Although, I will say the E-tip doesn’t quite work as well anymore which is to be expected after 2-3 years use. But they still keep my hands nice and warm. These make a great gift because pretty much everyone has a smartphone but not everyone wants to take off their gloves to access their devices.

2. I found a second pair of super cute E-tip North Face Women’s Indi 3.0 Gloves that are exclusive only to Dick’s. It comes in 4 different colors but I thought the mauve color looked really nice and sleek. I also like that the palm of the gloves are black so even if you’re doing things and you might get your gloves dirty, it won’t be as noticeable.

3. Next are blankets! I love giving a good quality blanket. People can leave them in their cars to bring with them on a hike or picnic, or if their car breaks down, they have some additional layers to keep them warm while they wait for roadside assistance to come. Being that I’m from Minnesota, my parents always taught me to leave a blanket in the car. I found these Cozy Sherpa blankets on sale at the store for BOGO FREE! Such a steal!

4. Last but not least are socks! My husband never buys socks for himself. He actually takes mine and wears them lol so I feel like socks make great stocking stuffers to add onto any gift. They have some really great cabin socks that are available for the whole family. Super soft and will definitely keep those toes warm.


I didn’t get a chance to try these on in store so I can’t speak to how they fit or the comfort level, however these were some really cute options I found.

  1. Timberland Women’s Courmeyeur Valley Chelsea Boots. Comes in grey and dark brown. However, the grey to me looks more like a light taupe in person which I think is really pretty!

2. Second one I found were the Sorel Out n about Felt Plus Waterproof Winter Boots. I love the design, feel like these would be perfect for hiking and Sorel is usually known for their comfort. Comes in three colors, brown, redwood and black.

3. Last thing I want to share are the Alpine design x Kamik Women’s Hazel Winter Boots. I love the mix of textures and love that it’s got the synthetic rubber at the base and then the water resistant flannel on top. Unfortunately right now there’s only one color available

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for baring it with me until the end but I want to make sure I share some of my favorite pieces for this winter! Again, I really think Dick’s is a great starting place to do your Christmas shopping because I feel like they’ve got so much variety for the entire family. Excited to get more cozy as the weather turns cooler here in the Pacific Northwest. Until next time, stay beautiful!

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Manifestation Practice with the 2 Cup Method

I was introduced to this manifestation practice several months ago but finally got to try it out for myself! And all I have to say is WOW, it really does work! I literally did the 2 cup method one day and the NEXT morning I received my desired reality. I know that it doesn’t necessarily work instantaneously, but in this situation it did and it can for you.


The backstory behind it goes to the element of water and how intentionality can change it. In the early 1990’s Dr. Masaru Emoto studied water molecules as they froze. He noticed a huge difference between clean spring water and contaminated water and how the water would form icicles as it froze. What was interesting is that he saw similarities when he would blare loud rock music versus classical music. The same differences with prayer/intention over the water versus nothing and post it notes of kind words versus mean words

As we can see there is a huge difference between the frozen water molecules when there were positive words versus negative words. This was simply a post it note that was placed outside the cup and left over night! So going back to the 2 Cup Method, this is using this science to manifest your desired reality.

How to do the 2 Cup Method

  1. Grab 2 cups, some water, post it notes and a pen/marker

  1. On 2 post it notes, you’re going to write out what your current reality is and what you want your desired reality to be and this would be your goal or whatever it is you want happen

3. Next, you’ll go ahead and place them on two cups and pour water into your current reality

4. Now this is the KEY step. As you transition to focusing on your desired reality, you’re going to focus in on the emotion of what it would be like when your desired reality comes to fruition. Are you going to feel gratitude, really envision yourself in that moment, wow it’s going to feel so exciting, worthwhile, you’re going to feel so full that your cup is overfloweth and that the more abundance you feel the more you will continue to attract into your life. As you continue to feel those beautiful emotions, go ahead and pour this beautiful vision into your desired reality cup and drink up!

5. After you drink up your desired reality, you might not necessarily feel a difference. You might feel more light and calmer as you tap into those positive vibrations because it’s a very short meditation/mindfulness activity. However, what you’ll want to do is put this post it somewhere you’ll see often like a vision board, a bathroom mirror, fridge, etc.


The universe works on lag usually, so it can take some time for your desired reality to come to life and that can be hard for those of us who struggle with patience, AKA me lol but continue to put in work and don’t completely obsess over the thought either. So let it flow and you can easily focus on other things as well in the mean time.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know if you actually try it! Until next time, keep your vibrations high and continue to embrace the beautiful Goddess that you are!

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8 Types of Journals that Will Help You Manifest Your Best Life

Journaling is by far one of the most helpful activities for me, especially when I’m feeling exceptionally overwhelmed with all that I have to do. Whether it be list making to figure out what my priorities are or just brain dumping, I think it’s just so helpful to just write or type out whatever it is you need to get out. Sometimes, it’s just a lot easier to see it visually than have it feel discombobulated in your head.

journal, manifest, best life, how to journal, simply beyotuiful

For me I have several types of physical and electronic journals that I keep. They all serve different purposes because I like knowing that all my business ideas are kept in one journal, all of my gratitude lists are in a separate one. The cool thing is that you can choose to have however many or little, what kind you want that best suits your life style.

In this post I want to share 9 different types of journals that you can have to uplevel your life and manifest what you want!


This is the kinda journal that you keep for all of your emotions, or whatever it is you’re going through. This is a great one to start out with, especially when you’re first starting out because it’s just all in one place, dated and easy to carry around!


I absolutely love goal journals, I literally write all my hopes and dreams in this one. I create lists in this, whether it be a summer bucket list or a 30 year old list – which is a list of everything I want to come to fruition by 30. These are the things you want in life, however big or scary! You write that ish down!


This is the kinda journal you write everything you’re grateful for. Often, I’ll go through major ruts and that’s when I’ll really use the heck out of this journal. Usually, I’ll write in it at night and write down 3 things I was grateful for that day. You can also write it down in the AM, when you’re going through your morning routine, you can write down all that you’re grateful for, like last night’s sleep, or your health, etc.


This is by far one of my most powerful journal entries. I seriously LOVE looking back on what I write down from my visions because they can easily inspire other ideas later on. So how you would use this is that after a meditation, usually a visual meditation you write down EVERYTHING you saw, or felt in your meditation!


If you have a side hustle or are wanting to start one, I’d highly recommend having a separate journal for your business ideas! That way they’re all in one place, whether it be an idea for a TikTok video or a brand new start up! Regardless of what it is, write all of those ideas in this journal. Sometimes, if I meditate and visualize something regarding business, I’ll write it in this journal!

6. Abundance Journal

This is something I recently started up and I’m really appreciating it! This is where you write down everything you receive in monetary dollars. Whether it be a coffee inkind or that you recently got paid, go ahead and write down the amount, and it can be an estimate too if you’re not entirely sure. The thought around it is when you focus on what you’re receiving you become more grateful for all that is coming in. And the more you focus on that energy, the more you’ll attract more abundance into your life!

7. Quotes Journal

If you’re a lover of positive quotes and affirmations but you never know where to write them down? This is your answer! There are some quotes that I come across and I’m just like man, that’s good… so this is where these will go. And if you don’t have your journal with you, that’s okay you can quickly type it in your notes app on your phone or jot it in your planner, etc. And then easily transfer it later. For me, I just type it in my phone for easy access.


This I learned from a movie I watched called the WAR ROOM and essentially a war room is a prayer room but if you don’t have space for that, you can easily put your prayers and petitions into a journal. Whether it be praying for someone who is ill, or faith and encouragement on an upcoming project write it down!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and hope that one of these journals will speak to you. Please note that if it all sounds too overwhelming that’s ok! You can start with just one, but know that there are so many types out there for you and choose what will serve you the most! Let me know if you journal and what kinda of journals are your favorite? Until next time beauties!

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