I am a huge fan of positive affirmations and there’s so much power in writing but also speaking them out loud. In this blog post I am sharing 50 I AM positive affirmations. You can use them for anything throughout your day. Whether it be saying them aloud in the AM, writing them over and over again in your journal or allowing one to become your mantra. Whatever it may be, I hope that these affirmations serve you in your life wherever you are my love.

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  1. I am empowered
  2. I am strong
  3. I am enough
  4. I am brave
  5. I am confident
  6. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be
  7. I am bold
  8. I am abundant
  9. I am filled with gratitude
  10. I am thriving
  11. I am worthy
  12. I am healing
  13. I am renewed
  14. I am beautiful
  15. I am loved
  16. I am a badass
  17. I am a fighter
  18. I am confident
  19. I am committed to my dream
  20. I am the hero of my story
  21. I am creative and innovative
  22. I am living the most intentional life
  23. I am strong
  24. I am whole
  25. I am having a breakthrough
  26. I am filled with grit and determination
  27. I am breathtaking
  28. I am embraced with love
  29. I am focused
  30. I am a hustler
  31. I am a dreamer of possibilities
  32. I am warrior
  33. I am a visionary
  34. I am resilient
  35. I am at peace with where I am
  36. I am expanding my consciousness
  37. I am energized
  38. I am in perfect balance and harmony
  39. I am a believer
  40. I am aligned
  41. I am leveling up
  42. I am inspired and inspiring others
  43. I am the perfect manifester
  44. I am invested
  45. I am the perfect creator
  46. I am equipped with everything I need
  47. I am receiving all that is mine
  48. I am a boss
  49. I am more than capable
  50. I am a leader
  51. I am a legend
  52. I am wealthy
  53. I am healthy
  54. I am a powerhouse
  55. I am fearless
  56. I am deserving
  57. I am in control
  58. i am a money magnet
  59. I am blessed

Hope these positive affirmations serve you in where you are and where you are going my beauties! Until next time, stay beautiful and completely aligned with who you are on the inside and the outside!

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