the biggest lesson i’ve learned

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life has been a whirlwind of events and i feel like i’ve had no time to process life. currently i’m back home and it feels so nice to see familiar faces, to do my old routine,to be with friends and family… and amidst all of this, i’m feeling a little remorseful that i left such a perfect place.

for the first time since moving, i’m toying with the idea of moving back home and what’s different this time is that it’s not accompanied with FOMO.

seeing all of ann’s wedding stuff and realizing i wasn’t there to help her through this, or seeing her new place and knowing we won’t be able to hang out there, and hearing about birthday plans and not being invited because i live so far away just really breaks my heart.

and it brings me back to the biggest lesson i’ve learned since moving away and that is it’s the company that makes the experience, not the activity.




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