2 Tips on How to Achieve Your Goals

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Setting goals is the fun part but working through to achieve your goals can be incredibly taxing. I’ve made some really lofty goals for 2017 and it’s gotten me incredibly overwhelmed at times. One, because they’re stretch goals and two, i’m wondering how in the heck am I going to achieve them?!

Make Commitments

I heard a really great piece of advice recently and that is: we shouldn’t be setting goals, rather we need to be making promises. For example, when you make plans with a friend to meet for dinner at 7pm, you’re meeting at 7pm! You’re not saying oh, my goal is to meet you at 7pm. It means it’s a commitment you’ve made to meet your friend at said time. And by committing to this, you’re going to follow through by showing up on time!

And just like our goals, we shouldn’t just make it a goal to do xy and z, we need to commit to DOING xyz in order to see the results we want.

Remind Yourself Daily 

The second thing we need to do to achieve our goals is remind ourselves daily of what it is we want to commit to. Whether that’s looking at your goals on a vision board or writing them down every day, having sticky notes that you can look at every day or keeping a written piece of paper with you in your purse to carry with you daily… What ever it is that can help remind you of these goals daily, just do it! The more you remind yourself consciously, the more likely these goals will be in your unconscious. And eventually, everything you do has a purpose in meeting those goals.

Good luck and happy goal committing!  

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