3 Tips on How to Let go and Move Forward

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Letting go is one of the hardest things to do in the grand scheme of things. While we are fully aware of the risks, we still attempt to swim upstream against that cold, hard current trying to reach our destination. But why? It is simply to fight the odds. Hoping… wishing that with our efforts, something will work out. 

But as with most things, effort has an expiration date. Sometimes, it’s just easier to let go and walk away, surrender our hands, throw in the towel and call it a day. I think the most difficult part about letting go is letting go of what you had or all of your hopes and dreams for it. Here are three tips on how to let go and move forward. 

1. Bathe in the emotions

Allow yourself to cry and be angry in full. It’s difficult and dangerous to hold all of those emotions inside because it can lead to numbness. Being numb is like freezing time because the emotions are all boxed up and put away and they can be difficult to access. It’s scary and painful but if you need to brace yourself, you can but just ensure that you acknowledge all of your emotions because that is the first step in letting go.

2. Have Closure

It can be difficult to let go when you’re hanging on to something, whether it be a sentimental item, or hopes and dreams. It’s tough to have those hopes and dreams come crashing down. It can take a long time to get to the point where you feel like you have the courage to let go of it all. But when you do, make sure there’s a succinct closing moment where you’re allowed to say good bye.

3. Be Patient

Unfortunately letting go doesn’t happen overnight. Have patience and allow time for regression. Because some days you’re going to feel like you took one step forward in the right direction and then the next day it’s like you’re back at square one. Realize this is all normal and have patience that soon it all shall pass.

I hope these tips can help you in the process of letting go. It’s definitely easy but continue to keep that head up high and  you’ll be able to let go and move forward in no time!


Live simply, love beyoutifully,


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