5 Steps to Living More Intentionally

There’s a time for everything

I am a person who loves spontaneity. I love variety and space to do whatever we feel that day, I’ve lived that way for years! And at the core of who I am, space for variety is a place my soul loves to be. However, being intentional has led to some of the most productive times of my life. More importantly, living intentionally has manifested the life I’m living today.

Ever since the beginning of college, I knew that I wanted to teach nursing. I knew I was going to marry some Asian Christian guy and impact women on a large scale. That’s a whole different blog post but how did I manifest everything I wanted, I decided to be intentional.

Live intentionally

Like I said, living intentionally doesn’t necessarily come as second nature for me but because I’ve seen the fruit of its’ labor I know it works. Here are 5 steps to start living intentionally.

  1. Know what you want – It’s really important to figure out what it is that you want out of life. Ask yourself these questions: What would an ideal life look like for you? What would your idea career be? What would you be doing in your pastime? Where would I live? Who would I spend my time with? Now if these questions are challenging to answer, that’s okay, you can start with what you don’t want, and that can lead you into the right direction.
  2. Write it down – Once you know what you want. Write that ish down! There’s magic in writing things down. Research shows we’re more likely to achieve something when we write it down.  In fact we’re 42% more likely to achieve our goals that way.
  3. Share it with an accountability partner – There’s power in our words both written down and vocalized. Find someone to tell who can keep you accountable or who can breathe life into you when you’re overcome with doubt. I often times share my goals with my husband, my best friend and my business accountability partner.
  4. Schedule time to work toward it – This comes down to our daily habits and what we do with our schedule. When you go to bed at night or early in the am when you’re looking at your day. Plan out when you’re actually going to work towards x goal. Find time to put the work in.
  5. Allow yourself to feel the fear – Short and long term goals can be exceptionally intimidating. I’m apart of a mastermind and we wrote down our short and long term goals in a document and it was SO SCARY seeing my goals written down. Some of these goals, I had only thought about or only vocalized to my closeset people. However, I want you to know that it is a VERY good sign when you’re feeling nervous or scared. It means you’re leveling up, growing and getting closer to manifesting what you want.
  6. Celebrate the small wins – When we have lofty goals, it can often feel intimidating and so far away from present life. However, I want you to break it up so it can be more easily attainable and digestable. Now when you achieve something small, you make sure to celebrate that WIN. You want to continue to cultivate that emotion so you can continue to attract more of that exact feeling.

Living intentionally takes practice but all so worth it. Even if it isn’t every day that you’re practicing it, that’s okay too because the small things will slowly add up and be exponentially rewarding over time. So cheers to living more intentionally and manifesting all that is already ours! Cheers beauty

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