5 Steps to Realigning with Your Goals

This year is nothing like any of us had imagined for 2020, but even so here we are. I know for me, I had set some lofty business and personal goals that were intimidating AF! I would be lying if I said I was close to achieving anything on my list. However, that’s the reason why we have check in’s, to realign with our goals. So I want to know how you’re doing with your 2020 goals! I want to share 5 tips to checking in with your goals mid year to stay on track to achieving them by December.

1. Review your goals

Find the list of your 2020 goals. Did you post it up on your wall or your vision board? Or is it collecting dust in an old drawer or lost in your notes? Regardless of where it is, find it and read through it.

2. Check in with your emotional state

Check in with your emotional state as you review your goals. It’s really important to be in tune with your emotions as you read through your list. Embrace those emotions because they’re trying to tell you something.

3. Reflect on why you feel the way you do

Are you feeling proud or nervous as you read your list? Are you wincing in embarrassment or gleaming with pride? Do some of these goals feel foreign to you? Have you worked towards achieving any of these goals and if you haven’y why not?

4. Re-evaluate your goals

When you reconsider changing your goals, consider why and how. Consider the feelings you noticed during your reflection and see how you can include these emotions to get your more excited about achieving them.

5. Revise and realign your goals and your plan of action

As you review your goals, are there some that need to be adjusted? Or do you need to change the course of action so you can better achieve what you want? Create smaller goals within your big goal so you can celebrate along the way.

Regardless of where you are in achieving what you want, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Be kind to yourself when practicing this mid-year check in, I know I had to be. Cheers to the rest of 2020 and realigning to our best selves beauty!

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