10 Reasons Why You Need to Incorporate Intention or Affirmation Cards into Your Daily Routine

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There is a lot of research that shows having a morning routine can help us be more productive with our days. The author of the Miracle Morning says that we should start our mornings with SILENCE, AFFIRMATIONS, VISUALIZATIONS, SCRIBING READING and EXERCISING. All of these activities can get us into a better overall state so we are well equipped with what we need to take on our days.

I know having a morning routine is vital and that’s why this year I began a new practice of choosing a daily intention card every single day. I’ve seen the good that has come of being intentional with my days through the fruit of my labor. And I want to share why choosing an intention or affirmation card can be life changing for you and hope you can also hop on the band wagon!

Benefits of Affirmation or Intention Cards

1. Creates a moment of quiet in your day.

Our lives are so fast paced now, that sometimes it’s hard to just take a moment to pause. The act of drawing and choosing a card gives space for a pause in a busy day

2. Allows time for awareness

When we choose a card, we’re giving space for awareness of our emotions. It gives us time to tap into our emotions about how we feel.

3. Gives space for de-stressing

When we put intention behind our days, it provides structure and makes an ever growing list of things to do not so intimidating. 

4. Provides structure in your day.

Some people thrive on routine and implementing this every morning can put you in the right mental space to start your day

5. Provides clarity in what we need to do

When our days are centered around an intention, we know exactly what we need to do.

6. An opportunity to meditate

When we choose our card and embrace it as today’s intention. There is a perfect opportunity to briefly meditate or visualize how your day will go and look like, embrace it. 

7. Provides positive reinforcement and encouragement

Often the universe is trying to tell us something but we’re too busy or just aware to see it, and sometimes these cards will speak loud and clear. So listen

8. Gives a moment to reflect

As we become more aware of our emotions, we can reflect on our emotional state and sift through and understand why we feel the way we feel.

9. Gets you zoned in

When we have an intention for the day, we can get really focused in on whatever that day is meant for. Whether it be hustling, embracing or breathing. We can really be

10. Creates meaningful conversation

hen we have an intention for the day, it’s always a great idea to share it with a friend or accountability partner. You’re more likely to achieve it, if you do!

I hope that you consider implementing this simple yet powerful daily practice in your life and allow the fruit of what is already there to unfold!


These Intention/Affirmation Cards ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE NOW! Can’t wait to share this life changing practice with you and can’t wait to see how you’ll benefit from these cards as much as I have! Cheers to intentional living beauties. Until next time!

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