25 Positive Affirmations to Start Your day

There is a ton of research that shows using positive affirmations can lead to decreasing stress, especially under pressure and can improve your overall emotional state. I wanted to share 25 positive affirmations I wrote inspired by my daily intent card deck.


My INTENTION/AFFIRMATION cards recently launched! These cards are up for grabs with a FREE Meditation guide included! One of my favorite things to do with my word of the day is write a positive affirmation to go alongside it.

All of the words apart of this intention/affirmation card deck have really resonated with me and is part of the reason why I included them. I wanted to share 25 affirmations using words from my deck to share with you!

25 Positive Affirmations!

  1. The more gratitude I have, the more abundant I will be.
  2. I am brave beyond my greatest imagination. 
  3. My innovation inspires new thinking and creativity.
  4. Through all things, I will persevere and see it through till the end.
  5. I am as alive as my emotions, so I gladly welcome all feelings of the rainbow. 
  6. I am revealing all that is already within me and for me.
  7. I am at peace with where I’m at, because I know my journey is not over yet.
  8. My dreams inspire action that will lead me closer to my final destination.
  9. I have the perfect ability to balance everything in my life.
  10. I am graced with perspective and therefore can expand my outlook on life
  11. I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ, and through him I am strengthened.
  12. I have faith that all things will work out in the way that God planned it
  13. Peace flows within me like water through a stream. Effortlessly and with purpose 
  14. I am on the verge of a breakthrough that will transform my thinking and my life.
  15. The universe will reveal all that is good and already mine. 
  16. I embrace with open arms all that is already mine.
  17. I am an empowering being who inspires others to live their best lives
  18. I awaken all my senses to all that beautiful around me 
  19. I am alive and well, and that is the starting point to my abundance
  20. I am an essential guide to others who need my skills and expertise 
  21. I am a leader who speaks with confidence and acts with authenticity 
  22. I am confident and proud of who I am, for my experiences have and will Continue to shape my being
  23. I release all that is not necessary in my life and receive all that is mine for the taking 
  24. I breathe in strength and confidence and exhale fear and doubt 
  25. I am a leader envisioning what will pave the way for good.

I hope you found a positive affirmation that resonated with you! They are written and inspired by my daily intention card deck now on sale! Click here to learn more! Until we speak again, have a fabulous day beauties!

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