10 Ways You can Use Daily Intention Affirmation Cards

I’ve heard that an intention without action is just an idea, and I think that is absolutely true. I recently read an article that said practicing a ritual prior to performing a task can actually improve your performance. I am a huge fan of routines and that’s the reason why I created my intention cards. These cards are the perfect addition to anyone’s daily routines. 

Makes achieving goals easier

There’s power in having a daily routine, especially when it comes to achieving goals. Grant Cardone, the best selling author of the 10x rule and self made million states that he writes down his goals in the morning and evening. The reason being is because he wants it to be the first thing he thinks about in the am and the last thing he thinks about in the pm. And much like these daily routines, the act of drawing a card from an affirmation or intention card deck can help you live more intentionally and have a more focused route in achieving what you want out of life.

The really cool thing about daily intention cards though, is that you don’t necessarily have to use it for the purpose of choosing an intention for the day. It could be an intention for the week, or the month. Or even perhaps using these as inspiration to write inspiring quotes or affirmations!

10 Ways You can use Affirmation/Intention Cards

1. Choose your intention for the day

2. Creates a morning ritual and routine to structure your day 

3. Inspires meaningful conversation to connect with others 

4. You can post an inspiring word to your vision board 

5. Inspire positive thinking throughout your day 

6. Have a moment of reflection during your work day 

7. Send love notes to your friends using these cards 

8. Inspires focused meditation 

9. Inspires positive energy throughout your day

10. Create positive affirmations for your day using your word

I have My Cards Posted Up!

I absolutely love these cards and I’m so excited I finally get to share this daily practice that has changed my life! The daily routine of choosing a card and centering my day and energy around it has been so helpful in keeping me focused and giving me the energy to do what I need!

I have these cards posted up on my vision board and my locker at work! I have the word manifestation on my vision board because I want to continue to remind myself that I can manifest whatever I want! Connecting to source power can look very different, I know for me it’s through God.

I also have the word Faith posted up on my locker. As an infusion/oncology nurse I work with very high risk patients, so having this posted up there reminds me that no matter how tough the day is, having faith will get me through it all. Click below for your own Intention Cards for PDF download!

Get your Intention Cards!!

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