13 Life Lessons from Netflix’s Selling Sunset

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As everyone begins binge watching Netflix’s Selling Sunset, I realized that while we love the drama and dreaming about our own million dollar homes, there are some really intricate lessons being taught here.

For those of you who don’t know what Selling Sunset is, it’s a show about a brokerage/real estate firm that are headed by two twin brothers and staffed by beautiful young real estate agents in the heart of Beverly Hills. They specialize in selling million dollar homes but the drama is what gets you hooked on this show. Regardless of the problems, I feel it resonates with people because at the end of the day they are real life problems that you and I are faced with too. And as I watched this show unfold, I couldn’t help but actually be inspired by the hustle. Here are 12 Life Lesson themes, I took away. 

Life Lessons from Selling Sunset

1. A successful career takes hustling your tail off

It’s not just about dilly dallying and putting in your hours until you can clock out. It’s about going above and beyond, putting your heart and soul into, after hours, over the weekend that really creates that dream come true career.

2. Making meaningful connections is what creates trust 

The moment these buyers walk in the door of an open house, these agents are hoping that one will stick out as a serious buyer but what can influence someone to convert are the real connections you make. When they realize you’re in it for their benefit and that you just genuinely want to create a relationship, that is when trust occurs.

3. If you have a problem with someone or something, go to the source 

On Season 1, you see Crishell and Christine really go at it when Crishell first starts at the firm. After a lot of turmoil, you see Crishell just exhausted about everything and decides that she doesn’t need to be friends with Christine. But at the end of the season, you see Christine actually giving her a genuine apology for things that happened, and that was the beginning of a new relationship.

While Crishell still holds up her guard which is understandable, I’m really impressed that Christine approached her and attempted to actually have a conversation to clear the air. Which at the end of the day, is honestly a better move because it’s going to suck more if you’ve gotta put in all this effort to ignore or avoid someone. It’s just better to go to the source and clear the air.

4. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, people appreciate it 

This is something I can sometimes struggle with, especially coming from a Vietnamese descent, my parents taught me that I don’t speak up and question authority at an early age. So often times, I still do struggle with that. But you see everyone on the show speaking their mind, and usually people appreciate it. And if they don’t it’s probably because 1) your delivery or 2) where their mindset and filter is.

5. Don’t be easily offendable, it only hurts you in the end 

In Season 2 you see Heather getting exceptionally offended by what Amanza forewarns about being careful with Tarek’s kids. I believe Amanza’s intentions around sharing was honestly for the greater good of everyone involved because she’s seen it happen firsthand to her and her kids. But because Heather was already annoyed with everyone else judging and speaking about her relationship she felt like it was an attack. But unfortunately, Heather is affected by what she shared for quite some time. However, on the other hand you see Amanza apologizing but basically moving on because she has to focus her attention on providing for her kids.

So the problem with being offended is that when people talk, they’re just going to talk and it can hurt your feelings, but you’re the only one affected. So we have to do our best to just let it slide and not let sit and harbor. I guess that’s what they mean by having thick skin. But obviously a lot harder said than done.

6. The goal is to finding win-win partnerships

The number one thing when thinking of collaborations, regardless of what you’re doing you have to make sure it’s a win-win partnership. And the key is negotiating and compromising. Find a place that works best for both worlds, and if it’s not best, at least it’s something both sides can live with. With your collabs, it is OKAY to counter-offer. Don’t allow yourself to feel taken advantage.

7. Don’t be afraid to do some cold-calling

They say that the best thing to get yourself known is to start networking. Get out there, send emails, get on the phone with people. Don’t be afraid to make those connections via phone because sometimes that is how people can distinguish between people who are serious and people who aren’t. (Really speaking to myself about this.. I really need to do better about this one!)

8. Get out there and search because that’s when you’ll find better

Opportunities don’t just miraculously show up in your inbox (and of course they do from time to time) but maybe not on a consistent basis if you’re not out their actively seeking. You seel Crishell busting her tail talking to a bunch of developers to get a property. And after a good chunk of work, one stuck and she got a deal to sell a property out in the Valley! You don’t just get there sitting on your butt, you gotta get out there. (note to self lol)

9. What goes around comes around

Is the term, Karma’s a bit**? Well I think it’s true. Davina’s comment about Mary’s new moissanite engagement ring set off a bit of a rage in her Fiance Romain and now she’s officially uninvited to the wedding. I definitely think Davina’s a bit hurt but the way she responded in her attempted apology didn’t land quite well with Romain. So their little feud continues and it ends with Davina missing the big day.

10. Treat people with Respect

At the end of the day, everyone just wants to be treated with respect. Talking about Romain not getting Mary a diamond ring really hurt his ego because I think in general, masculine energy just wants to provide but when someone goes insinuating that he can’t or that he’s a free-loader, clearly I’d be outraged as well. However, I will say that I wish he could have put his angst aside for Mary so she wouldn’t have to go through all the drama with talking to Davina but you know it happened. Regardless, let’s just stick with this number one principle of respect and I think we’ll have better outcomes

11. Follow through with what you say you’re going to do

When you tell a Seller you’re going to sell their home for you. They’re entrusting you with A LOT. And when you can’t perform and or provide, people get upset. And I think that carries over with everything in life. If you say you’re going to do something, just do yourself a favor and follow through. It’ll make you feel like a good person and look better and more professional.

12. If you’re putting something off, it probably means you really need to do it

As the seasons unfold, you see the cast members going through social problem after social problem. On season 2 you see Mary prepping for her wedding, and in the midst of it. Her fiance Romain has a huge problem with Davina and doesn’t want her at the wedding. This creates a lot of turmoil for Mary because it can cause future strife for her at the office. She states she is not a confrontational person whatsoever but because of that, it caused even more drama and stress she had to deal with than really necessary. If you’re putting something off, it actually means you really need to do it, so just do it. (another note to self).

13. BONUS: Regardless of the sh** you’re going going through, dress up and show up

With the huge devastating news of Crishell’s divorce, you see her really struggling to pick up the pieces and start anew but she does! And as triggering of an event, she still makes it to Christine’s wedding at the end of season 3. I really think that says a lot about her as a person as well as her and Christine’s friendship and how far they’ve come.

And that’s a wrap, I hope you all enjoyed these Life Lessons from Selling Sunset! If you haven’t watched the show yet, I’d definitely recommend it and if you have, let me know what you think! Until next time beauties….

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