8 Types of Journals that Will Help You Manifest Your Best Life

Journaling is by far one of the most helpful activities for me, especially when I’m feeling exceptionally overwhelmed with all that I have to do. Whether it be list making to figure out what my priorities are or just brain dumping, I think it’s just so helpful to just write or type out whatever it is you need to get out. Sometimes, it’s just a lot easier to see it visually than have it feel discombobulated in your head.

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For me I have several types of physical and electronic journals that I keep. They all serve different purposes because I like knowing that all my business ideas are kept in one journal, all of my gratitude lists are in a separate one. The cool thing is that you can choose to have however many or little, what kind you want that best suits your life style.

In this post I want to share 9 different types of journals that you can have to uplevel your life and manifest what you want!


This is the kinda journal that you keep for all of your emotions, or whatever it is you’re going through. This is a great one to start out with, especially when you’re first starting out because it’s just all in one place, dated and easy to carry around!


I absolutely love goal journals, I literally write all my hopes and dreams in this one. I create lists in this, whether it be a summer bucket list or a 30 year old list – which is a list of everything I want to come to fruition by 30. These are the things you want in life, however big or scary! You write that ish down!


This is the kinda journal you write everything you’re grateful for. Often, I’ll go through major ruts and that’s when I’ll really use the heck out of this journal. Usually, I’ll write in it at night and write down 3 things I was grateful for that day. You can also write it down in the AM, when you’re going through your morning routine, you can write down all that you’re grateful for, like last night’s sleep, or your health, etc.


This is by far one of my most powerful journal entries. I seriously LOVE looking back on what I write down from my visions because they can easily inspire other ideas later on. So how you would use this is that after a meditation, usually a visual meditation you write down EVERYTHING you saw, or felt in your meditation!


If you have a side hustle or are wanting to start one, I’d highly recommend having a separate journal for your business ideas! That way they’re all in one place, whether it be an idea for a TikTok video or a brand new start up! Regardless of what it is, write all of those ideas in this journal. Sometimes, if I meditate and visualize something regarding business, I’ll write it in this journal!

6. Abundance Journal

This is something I recently started up and I’m really appreciating it! This is where you write down everything you receive in monetary dollars. Whether it be a coffee inkind or that you recently got paid, go ahead and write down the amount, and it can be an estimate too if you’re not entirely sure. The thought around it is when you focus on what you’re receiving you become more grateful for all that is coming in. And the more you focus on that energy, the more you’ll attract more abundance into your life!

7. Quotes Journal

If you’re a lover of positive quotes and affirmations but you never know where to write them down? This is your answer! There are some quotes that I come across and I’m just like man, that’s good… so this is where these will go. And if you don’t have your journal with you, that’s okay you can quickly type it in your notes app on your phone or jot it in your planner, etc. And then easily transfer it later. For me, I just type it in my phone for easy access.


This I learned from a movie I watched called the WAR ROOM and essentially a war room is a prayer room but if you don’t have space for that, you can easily put your prayers and petitions into a journal. Whether it be praying for someone who is ill, or faith and encouragement on an upcoming project write it down!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and hope that one of these journals will speak to you. Please note that if it all sounds too overwhelming that’s ok! You can start with just one, but know that there are so many types out there for you and choose what will serve you the most! Let me know if you journal and what kinda of journals are your favorite? Until next time beauties!

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