Manifestation Practice with the 2 Cup Method

I was introduced to this manifestation practice several months ago but finally got to try it out for myself! And all I have to say is WOW, it really does work! I literally did the 2 cup method one day and the NEXT morning I received my desired reality. I know that it doesn’t necessarily work instantaneously, but in this situation it did and it can for you.


The backstory behind it goes to the element of water and how intentionality can change it. In the early 1990’s Dr. Masaru Emoto studied water molecules as they froze. He noticed a huge difference between clean spring water and contaminated water and how the water would form icicles as it froze. What was interesting is that he saw similarities when he would blare loud rock music versus classical music. The same differences with prayer/intention over the water versus nothing and post it notes of kind words versus mean words

As we can see there is a huge difference between the frozen water molecules when there were positive words versus negative words. This was simply a post it note that was placed outside the cup and left over night! So going back to the 2 Cup Method, this is using this science to manifest your desired reality.

How to do the 2 Cup Method

  1. Grab 2 cups, some water, post it notes and a pen/marker

  1. On 2 post it notes, you’re going to write out what your current reality is and what you want your desired reality to be and this would be your goal or whatever it is you want happen

3. Next, you’ll go ahead and place them on two cups and pour water into your current reality

4. Now this is the KEY step. As you transition to focusing on your desired reality, you’re going to focus in on the emotion of what it would be like when your desired reality comes to fruition. Are you going to feel gratitude, really envision yourself in that moment, wow it’s going to feel so exciting, worthwhile, you’re going to feel so full that your cup is overfloweth and that the more abundance you feel the more you will continue to attract into your life. As you continue to feel those beautiful emotions, go ahead and pour this beautiful vision into your desired reality cup and drink up!

5. After you drink up your desired reality, you might not necessarily feel a difference. You might feel more light and calmer as you tap into those positive vibrations because it’s a very short meditation/mindfulness activity. However, what you’ll want to do is put this post it somewhere you’ll see often like a vision board, a bathroom mirror, fridge, etc.


The universe works on lag usually, so it can take some time for your desired reality to come to life and that can be hard for those of us who struggle with patience, AKA me lol but continue to put in work and don’t completely obsess over the thought either. So let it flow and you can easily focus on other things as well in the mean time.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know if you actually try it! Until next time, keep your vibrations high and continue to embrace the beautiful Goddess that you are!

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