How to Feel Beautiful: 3 Daily Practices

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Beauty is defined by a variety of elements. What’s important is knowing what beautiful means to you and how to feel beautiful. Does it mean feeling confident, feeling energized or looking like a rock star? To me, beauty is all about feeling vibrant from the inside out. I think society has really narrowed our definition of beauty. And it’s unfortunate that a lot of people think beautiful is too far out of reach. We have to constantly remind ourselves that we are beautiful, all in our own unique ways and here are three things I do to help myself feel beautiful and hope they can help you too!

1. Get Ready 

every morning regardless of whether I go out or not, I get ready whether that means changing out of my jammies or just putting on some makeup, or doing my hair. It always makes me feel beautiful when I look presentable

2. Listen to Music  

I love listening to good vibin’ music, it always manages to change my state but in addition to listening and dancing, watch yourself dance in the mirror. I know it’s silly but try it out!

3. Take care of my Body 

through daily skin care, working out and eating healthy, every time I do something that relates to taking care of my body, I immediately feel rejuvenated.

We must keep in mind that feeling beautiful starts from within. These practices are only habits that we can adopt at the surface level and that feeling exceptionally beautiful requires internal beliefs that we’ll talk about on another post but until then live simply, live beyoutifully!


simply beyoutiful,

Anh Thu

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